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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are people in the world who follow their heart’s calling. They are immersed in their goal completely and live only for it. Do these people possess a spiritual sense organ and do they need Kabbalah?

Answer: Kabbalah originated in the ancient Babylon, when it was immersed in the same crisis that we have today and its people lost a sense of direction in their lives. They suddenly felt that egoism confined them within an animalistic existence. Then they revealed this method of attainment of the upper force.

Kabbalah is necessary only for those who find themselves in a deep inner crisis and who question the meaning of life.

In general, the question about the meaning of life arises in many people for different reasons. If I, for example, lost money gambling, or trading stock, or something happened to me, I also think about the meaning of life. But this question arises in me as a result of a “minus,” that is, as a result of suffering and some loss in our world. In this case, people do not aspire to rise up; it doesn’t interest them.

We have to clearly understand what people come to us. You can clarify that with any psychologist or even independently.

Let’s assume a person has everything: a car, a house, a family, and a job. If this person lost something in this life (a minus), he or she will also question the meaning of life: “What should I live for if I lost it?” But it’s not the aspiration upward, forward. If you give this person a “plus” instead of a “minus,” it will be sufficient to satisfy him or her.

People like this do not need something spiritual, something higher. What speaks in them is not a Human higher than an animal, but an ordinary animate level: The sun is shining, the grass is growing, and all is well on the earth.

For a person who questions the meaning of life all of it as if stops to exist. It all isn’t worth anything, doesn’t mean anything because everything begins and ends. Life itself doesn’t specifically give anything; there is nothing particularly valuable in it except for the fact that I receive; nothing else is happening, and in the end, I simply live like a beast.

A person who thinks in this way and begins to question the meaning of life is questioning something different, something that is directed upward, above my beastly existence, the reason he is so limited in years of his life, abilities, and minuses that don’t let him have his peace of mind. “What is above this minus, what is it all for?” Depending on what level this question is originating from, this person comes to mysticism or somewhere else.

The desire is constantly developing within us. This is the development of the question about the meaning of life according to the five gradual levels of desire: 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4.

If a person is at the preliminary level of development, he will be satisfied with different philosophies. If it’s the next level, then it is psychology. Such people often become poets, writers, philosophers, and psychologists.There is a level of development where a person is drawn to some actions, to various psychological practices: “We will be dancing or sitting in the lotus position, we will be breathing or not breathing, that is, we will begin to attain upper substances through the body.”

This also relates to the search. If a person is at a level like this, he will be doing yoga, other various practices, and it will satisfy him. You can’t prove anything to him. It is the level of their knowledge, attainment, and sensations, it is the level of questioning that arises in them now. Partially, various religions are here, too. They are intended to reassure, to provide balance, and to give hope.

On the next level, a person can no longer be satisfied with various physical exercises, breathing gymnastics, and so on. He feels that it gives him nothing. After all, it is all about the body that strives to feel comfortable. “What if I start meditating?” And he begins meditating with some letters or symbols. It is already something more abstract, yet it also doesn’t go beyond his psychological framework.

Eventually, at the final level of development, the question arises within man: “Is there anything that exists outside of myself if I absolutely annul myself? Is there a method that will help me get rid of my current “I”? I want to perceive the world outside of myself.” These people come to us.

What does “outside of myself” mean? It means the perception of the world not inside of me, not through my five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. These sensations penetrate us, are summed up, and thus we sense the world inside of ourselves according to a certain program within us.

On the screen situated at the back of the brain, the sum of all of these sensations paints before us a picture of the world in a certain proportion: We receive more than 90% of this picture through our sight, 7-8%  through our hearing, and the rest through our smell, touch, and taste. That’s it!

It means the program is changing inside of me, desires change, and accordingly, I receive a sensation of a different world. As if it moves, as if it does something inside of me. But how can I come out of myself and begin to sense the universe in its entirety?

Latest scientific studies say that only a field, a force, and nothing else exists around us; only one force and nothing beside it. Hence what appears inside of me, within me, and what we research now, all of it I have to see as my connection with this force. I have no other opportunity to reveal it, only through the impressions I receive.

That is, I have to constantly analyze that everything that happens inside of me, both a plus and a minus, everything comes from one force. If I constantly direct myself to it in this way, then even through my present perception I begin to attune myself to this force and feel it more and more. Accordingly, having attained such a state where I within myself receive an additional sensor, I begin to sense this force itself.

I begin to reveal it, and precisely through its opposite influence on me I feel infinity, perfection. It purposely confuses me and gives me various obstacles so that through them I could hold on to it. Thus I raise myself above my animal.

On the animate level, I am purposely given sensations of various negative influences so that I could rise above them and feel this force. This is what the entire method is comprised of. And the group, studies, dissemination, and everything else are only to help in attainment of the goal.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Lesson 3  

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