A Simple Law

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I begin feeling the upper force?

Answer: We begin to feel the upper force only to the extent we can attune ourselves to it in our unity. A person cannot feel this force alone.

Tuning into this force should be in accordance with it. If I do it on my own, it will be an egoistic tuning. The ego will rule over me. How do I exit this state?

I need more than a desire to exit and rise above myself—this is an individual and egoistic desire present in millions of people in our world. How do I feel this very force, precisely this force? To do that, I must become equivalent to it.

There is a very simple law in nature: You can sense some phenomenon only to the extent you consist of it. That is, if I feel, hear, see, taste, or smell something, it is because I possess certain qualities that are also present in what I feel. There must be a  law of equivalence of form. I have to build in myself a device that will detect waves existing on the outside.

Let’s assume that we have a radio set. What do I do when I turn its handles? I tune it in; I generate a certain wave in it. If there is a similar wave on the outside, the antenna will detect it according to the principle of resonance, equivalence, and I will hear some sounds; my ear will detect them.

It means I have to build within myself a receiver that will contain qualities similar to those of this force. If I simply desire to come out of myself and sense it, I will achieve nothing. That is the reason we gather in a group where I do not only desire to rise above myself, but rather want to rise above myself in the quality of bestowal, in the quality of love, which is the quality of this force.

There are millions of those wanting to exit and rise above themselves. However, it takes time for them to hear that besides rising above themselves, they can achieve it by building the quality of bestowal within.… It is only possible in the group, between us, when you begin to unite with others according to the principle of “love thy neighbor.” Then you begin to become equivalent to this force and are able to sense it.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Lesson 3 

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