The World’s Only Chance

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When will our work have a real impact on the reasoning of scientists and researchers?

Answer: We need to help them see the whole picture. They are already talking about the signs of an integral world, but they cannot gather individual observations into one system, into a unified methodology.

In addition, they are afraid to delve deeper into this topic because the idea of an integral world leads them to a confrontation with those in power. Current governments are still acting egoistically and individualistically, failing to realize that by doing so they are destroying themselves. Politicians lack an integral perception. Unlike them, scientists observe nature and speak about what they see. Who hears them is another story.

There is another problem: However wonderful the words spoken by various experts and specialists may be, no matter how much they pontificate about interconnection and the need to unify, they don’t have the means to implement it. Money and military might won’t help here. Even if all the people in the world exclaim, “Yes, we want to be one global village!” what will happen after this unanimous declaration of their will? Nothing, except for a world war. After sensing even more acutely the ties that bind them to each other, they will unleash a war in order to sever this connection.

Scientists do not have a solution; they don’t know how to change man. So why scream about how harmful egoism is if you do not have the remedy? In the past, doctors didn’t tell patients that they were terminally ill. There were no means to even slow down the progression of an illness, and therefore, a person was left in the dark so he would suffer less. “Do not put obstacles in front of a blind person,” says the Torah. Why reveal the truth if you are unable to help a person deal with it?

So without revealing the wisdom of Kabbalah, without the message of mutual guarantee proceeding from us, humanity doesn’t have a single chance to correct anything. And this is now our problem: How can we establish connection with people and explain to them that it is possible to correct egoism and thereby correct the world.

We are talking precisely about the correction of man. Nothing else will help here. Many already understand that all evil is contained in human nature. However, they throw up their hands: “A human being is egoistic and nothing can be done about it.” If we don’t supply people with the method of the correction of egoism, if we don’t explain that it is actually attainable, the world has no chance. So far, however, we’ve been working half-heartedly.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/30/2012, “Preface to The Book of Zohar”

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