Kabbalah And The Relationship Between A Man And A Woman

laitman_532Question: When a man and a woman form a couple, does their fate become joined or are they initially on different sides of the barricades?

Answer: There are no accidents. You don’t choose anything, including your partner. Everything is preordained. The only choice there is: take a step forward or wait for all sorts of circumstances to push you.

Question: If a woman has a difficult relationship with a man, can Kabbalah help her? Does she still have a choice?

Answer: You will see that something can be changed: either the man, the circumstances, or yourself. But this will become clear later.

Question: It turns out that by studying Kabbalah, a woman can understand this?

Answer: Sure. Kabbalistic knowledge changes her, and thus she feels that she is beginning to move closer or further from her partner more and more. Then the decision is born by itself.

Question: This decision is born by itself because it already exists? It just surfaces?

Answer: Absolutely correct!

Comment: To understand it, to accept it, and to live it is both simple and difficult.

My Response: But it’s interesting.
From KabTV’s “Together About Important Things” 7/14/20

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