The Spiritual Role Of Women, Part 9

laitman_628.1How does fate lead two people to marriage?

Question: Who is a woman for a man and vice versa, a man for a woman in the spiritual? How do they identify each other? Are there any patterns in family and spiritual life?

Answer: Do not think about it. There are certain spiritual conditions between husband and wife, but nothing more. There is no need to consider everyone else.

Question: But still there are some active interactions provided for between the spouses?

Answer: Yes, of course. We do not just meet and get married. Although sometimes we make a lot of all kinds of mistakes, however, if we conceive children, then this is already a family. And then, in accordance with this, the score is already relative to the relationship between a man and a woman.

Question: If there are no accidents, how is the combination of souls for the needs of their correction connected with how fate brings two people to marriage?

Answer: It seems to you that fate, who is allegedly blindfolded, leads you and pulls one out of the crowd, the other out of the crowd, and brings them together. Nothing like this!

These are all spiritual forces that act in accordance with the initial state of breaking up the soul and with the final state of uniting all the broken parts together. Between these two states, all the souls go through their rearrangements, combining, combining, and giving birth to children and so on. All this happens gradually, until we come to the general correction.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/8/20

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