Playing On All Levels of Nature

552.02Question: Is this game a socially based principle both in our world and in a person’s spiritual work? Do I have to understand what the goal is I’m heading toward, take certain principles, and use them in this game?

Answer: Yes, otherwise it is impossible without the playing.

Even plants have the principle of the game, only we do not notice it. In the animal world we see clearly how small animals play with each other, otherwise they don’t develop. Their parents understand this, give them the opportunity to play, and treat this play with great patience.

As for us, we naturally know that a person can be developed through playing. There is no other way! Therefore, we use all the elements of the game. See how many different toys we invent just so our children can develop.

The same goes for Kabbalah. Kabbalah opens up a whole new world for us in which a person must develop spiritually from scratch, no matter who the person is in our world. This may be a thirty or forty-year-old person, in one’s prime, a scientist, wise, but absolutely undeveloped in spirituality. Therefore, we invent all kinds of actions that can develop this person. First and foremost, these are the actions that take place in a group.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/25/19

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