The Spiritual Role Of Women, Part 8

Laitman_632.2How to save a marriage?

Question: It is known that one of the reasons for divorce is the selfishness of spouses. In the process of studying Kabbalah, egoism increases in both husband and wife. How can they avoid divorce with the inevitable growth of egoism under the influence of the upper world?

Answer: They should always help each other in spite of any disagreements.

The spouses understand that everything that happens between them is the egoism of everyone, which is very difficult to fight. It is difficult to endure so many years of living together with adult children or even grandchildren. Therefore, we must somehow adjust ourselves to the fact that their marriage is for life. No more options.

After all, if you have children first in one family, then in the second, in a third, then you make the children miserable. They will never forgive you for this. The child whom you left for another family will still feel that you have betrayed him. We must be prepared for the fact that you stay for life with this child. Not with your wife, with whom, perhaps, you would gladly part with, but with the children whom you brought with her.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/8/20

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