Eliminate the Distance

931.01I should try not to feel the distance between me and my friends, and the more I eliminate this distance, the greater my chances of feeling the Creator. If my internal connection with the Creator and my friends is so strong that for me there is no difference between us, then I get the opportunity to reveal the Creator, to feel Him with all my desires, with all my organs.

It cannot be that the Creator is further away from me than a friend. On the contrary, when I feel my friends so close as if they touch my skin, my inner qualities, then I can reveal and feel the Creator.

It is necessary to eliminate the distance between me and my friends in everything: in my mind and in my heart, in all my hopes and desires, to feel them with all my heart and soul. And this means not just hugging but getting closer internally. It may not even manifest itself in external actions, but it must be a movement of the heart.

Of course, at first I feel the distance between me and my friend, the discrepancy between our qualities. But the more I think about how to get closer to him, to connect as one person with one heart, the more clearly I can imagine the Creator who is between us, as it is said: “You made Me.”

We get closer to our friends to such an extent that we unite all our desires, thoughts, dreams, and aspirations, and then we feel that the Creator is between us. It is by the fact that we try to feel us all as one person with one heart, one common thought, one desire, one aspiration, in one embrace—by this effort we build the Creator.

We merge our hearts so much that there is no other place left for the Creator but to fill our hearts. We define a place for the Creator as the place of our common heart. Our connection in which there are no other vacant places determines the place for the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson 9/16/23, “Rosh HaShana

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