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Heartfelt Connection

938.07Question: How exactly should we feel a broken heart in order to want to connect?

Answer: You must feel how necessary it is to reach the purpose of creation. If we do not reach a heartfelt connection between us, we will not do anything in this world, in this life.

Question: Should we yearn for the Creator or for each other?

Answer: You cannot order this to happen. You should yearn to get closer to each other in order to reveal the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/17/23, “Rosh HaShana

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Hold onto the Creator

023Question: You say that we need to run after the Creator. If I rush to Him, then in the place He seems to be revealed, He immediately is concealed and is revealed in a different place, in other connections. How do we find the meaning of these revelations and concealments of the Creator?

Answer: You will find the meaning later. For now, you need to hold onto the Creator as much as possible. Imagine that you are running after Him, you want to cling to Him, hug Him, and constantly stay in this state more and more.

At first, you want to hold onto the Creator purely egoistically, and then move from these attempts to the fact that you want to be similar to Him, to be like Him. This is what it means to hold onto Him.

Try to hold onto Him with your feelings and qualities. You will succeed.

When the Creator is revealed, you must rush toward Him. And when He is concealed, you have to look for Him. You need to be directed to the Creator all the time, both in His concealment and in His revelation.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/15/23, “Rosh HaShanah

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Rise above Criticism

931.02Question: How can we correctly conduct self-evaluation and critical analysis in the left line?

Answer: According to your feeling. You can do this by attributing everything to the Creator in order to give Him contentment and joy and reciprocate what you receive from Him.

Usually, the left line throws us away from the connection with the Creator. Then you take everything you can from your critical attitude to life and turn to Him with a request for correction.

We should try to rise above our states, connect together, and then begin to explore where we are far from the Creator and ask about it.

We are constantly aiming toward the Creator, and when we see that we are not in connection with Him, we turn this state into prayer.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/25/23, “To Criticize Oneself”

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Eliminate the Distance

931.01I should try not to feel the distance between me and my friends, and the more I eliminate this distance, the greater my chances of feeling the Creator. If my internal connection with the Creator and my friends is so strong that for me there is no difference between us, then I get the opportunity to reveal the Creator, to feel Him with all my desires, with all my organs.

It cannot be that the Creator is further away from me than a friend. On the contrary, when I feel my friends so close as if they touch my skin, my inner qualities, then I can reveal and feel the Creator.

It is necessary to eliminate the distance between me and my friends in everything: in my mind and in my heart, in all my hopes and desires, to feel them with all my heart and soul. And this means not just hugging but getting closer internally. It may not even manifest itself in external actions, but it must be a movement of the heart.

Of course, at first I feel the distance between me and my friend, the discrepancy between our qualities. But the more I think about how to get closer to him, to connect as one person with one heart, the more clearly I can imagine the Creator who is between us, as it is said: “You made Me.”

We get closer to our friends to such an extent that we unite all our desires, thoughts, dreams, and aspirations, and then we feel that the Creator is between us. It is by the fact that we try to feel us all as one person with one heart, one common thought, one desire, one aspiration, in one embrace—by this effort we build the Creator.

We merge our hearts so much that there is no other place left for the Creator but to fill our hearts. We define a place for the Creator as the place of our common heart. Our connection in which there are no other vacant places determines the place for the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson 9/16/23, “Rosh HaShana

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The Center of the Ten and the Center of the Creator

938.03Question: What kind of renewal should we do at the beginning of the year in order to be worthy and to build a building suitable for the light of the Creator?

Answer: All we need to do is to achieve a connection between us, a connection of love or at least friendship and support. If we achieve this, we will move precisely to the Creator; we will reach and reveal Him in the center of the connection between us.

Where we connect together in one desire, there will be the center of the ten and the center of the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson 9/15/23, “Rosh HaShana

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A Place for the Creator

938.04Question: It is said that according to the root, the whole order of life is built and continues. How can we build the root of love between us so that all subsequent branches this year will lead us to this wave of love?

Answer: It is very simple. We must constantly unite together and define a place for the Creator between us.

We connect our hearts so that He has no choice but to fill them. The place for the Creator is our common heart. The Creator Himself does not need a place. When there are no empty spaces left in our connection, this will be the place for the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson 9/16/23, “Rosh HaShanah”

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“What should I look for when I look at nature?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What should I look for when I look at nature?

You should look for how smart, perfect and eternal it is.

Nature is good. Where there are no people, there is goodness.

The human is the only creature that harms others and himself. Nature without the person does not do so.

Why does man possess this evil quality? It is in order to acknowledge that we are evil, that we must change in a direction toward goodness, and to bring ourselves to goodness through self-recognition.

If we will know how to correctly participate in nature, then indeed, by the laws of nature, and not by artificial laws of our own, we will be able to live harmonious and peaceful lives.

We need to learn from nature how to behave, how to cause no harm to anyone, how to support and help everyone, and to see everyone as beautiful, good and drawn to a perfectly-connected state of love.

Based on the video “This Is What to Look for in Nature” with Kabbalst Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/eited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 9/28/23

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