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Resurrecting Dead Desires

509Question: What does it mean to revive the dead in spiritual work?

Answer: The revival of the dead is the revival of dead bodies. The body refers to the desire that does not want to do anything in any case and is content to simply remain as it is. This desire is called dead.

We need to be concerned with bringing dead bodies to life, i.e., helping each other revive our dead desires and raising them above ourselves.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/14/23, “All my Bones Shall Say”

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Attack from the Bottom of the Heart

931.01Question: How can we come together to a common attack from the very depths of our hearts in order to get out of the state of faithlessness?

Answer: You should talk among yourselves about the fact that the success of the entire operation depends on your attack now. When everyone tries to defeat their enemy inside them, then in the end you will feel that you are facing a common enemy.

In order to fight against egoism and not against each other, you must connect with each other and, as a result of the connection, fight with the ego.

Question: The external salvation of the Creator is the importance of connection, and the internal salvation is the war in man?

Answer: No, war is not salvation. We must see the help of the Creator in all our states, He pushes us forward to unity and to the feeling of one heart, one desire.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/23, “The Need for the Creator’s Salvation”

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Which “Lottery Ticket” Should One Buy?

49.01In the News (BBC News): “‘Kerala lottery: Indian women sanitation workers hit jackpot’

“The women are part of a group that collects non-biodegradable waste from households in Parappanangadi town in Kerala’s Malappuram district. They usually get around 250 rupees a day…

“The money, they say candidly, is not enough to make ends meet. Most of the women have borrowed money and taken loans for their children’s education and other expenses.

“That’s why they would occasionally join forces to buy a lottery ticket. …

“Kuttimalu, 72, says she was initially sad when Radha was collecting funds because she didn’t have enough money.

“‘Then Cherumannil Baby (another member of the group) told me she had 25 rupees and was willing to lend me half of it for the ticket,’ she tells the BBC.

“So the two women put in 12.5 rupees each for their share of the ticket while the other nine women paid 25 rupees each.

“‘We agreed we would get an equal share if we won anything,’ Ms Kuttimalu says. ‘We didn’t expect to win such a huge amount of money!’ …

“On Friday, a day after their life-changing win, the 11 women reached the agency’s office like always to resume their work.

“‘We decided one thing,’ Ms Leela says. ‘We will not leave this job because it was this collective that brought us prosperity.'”

Question: We have been talking with you all the time, and it is true according to statistics that there are no particularly lucky cases when winning the lottery. And here, it seems these women were lucky.

Tell me, please, do you still insist that the lottery is not the best thing?

Answer: I think it is better when a person does not do this, does not play the lottery.

Question: Despite what I just told you, and you were even surprised, and it was interesting?

Answer: This is, of course, interesting. I do not know what they will actually gain from this.

Question: They will pay their debts. And then, do you think they will make new ones?

Answer: Of course! It does not solve anything.

Question: So, the moment you plug one hole, it appears again and again?

Answer: Yes. You will not buy happiness that way. Winning in this way will not bring good luck.

Question: What will bring good luck? Which “lottery ticket” should we buy? What do we have to buy to win in this life? Really win!

Answer: Winning is a feeling of confidence in what I am doing. Is that not enough?

Question: I have chosen the path, and I am sure of it, is this called that I drew the lucky lottery ticket?

Answer: Yes. When it disappears, a person is ready for death.

Comment: Thanks! We will live.

My Response: Yes!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/3/23

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The Process of Spiritual Growth

630.2Question: If it weren’t for your explanation of Kabbalah, I would never even want to hear what it is. But when faced with your explanations, I felt that there is truth behind it. Usually, this feeling holds you for a while, and then gradually goes away. And you are left alone with a lot of criticism. What should a person do in this case?

Answer: I do not care about lulling a person, appeasing, calming, or giving him the strength to resist those criticisms that begin to brainwash him as if sympathizing with where he, the unfortunate, has ended up, and so on. I am not interested in that! This is the fate of man, he must cope with it himself or he will not become a Man!

I am not going to come to anyone’s aid! I am being completely serious. Not because I am indifferent to the fate of a person but because he will otherwise not survive! It is necessary to push the little chick so that it flies. There must be a push! There is no escape from this.

This will only make you stronger! Only in the fight! In no case should this opportunity be taken away from a person. That is why I never help anyone! I watch with compassion how one suffers and how he cannot find himself!

I remember how once, emotionally I said to my teacher with pain: “Well, help me!” And he grinned right in my face. I was ready to tear him to pieces! I was in such a terrible inner state that I could not see day and night. I was tormented, boiling, smoking three packs of cigarettes a day, I could not see anyone, I ate myself up. I had such inner experiences, searches, misunderstandings, malfunctions, that death is better than such a life!

And my teacher, who, in principle, was to blame for the fact that I felt this way, grinned and did not even help! In anything! He only said: “It is okay. A little more, a little more. It will pass.” What “will pass”? And so on for months and months.

It is a very complex process when a person acquires the quality of another world and accommodates two worlds: the material world, acting under the egoistic force of reception, and the altruistic world, acting under the force of bestowal. These are completely different, opposite, contradictory worlds! At the beginning of the journey they are not connected to each other. A person is either in this or that half. And only then can he build a middle line.

It is in such a struggle, confusion, and clarification that a person consisting of two parts of the world is born.

But this is not an endless process. For each degree there are a certain number of states that we must go through. This is our evolution. This is the only way we can develop. In fact, this is a wonderful way of development!
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Insurmountable Criticism” 9/3/11

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Drip Penetration into Egoism

294.2Comment: People who are not engaged in Kabbalah should see everything by example. When you tell them about the future, about connections, integrality, and globality, they can orient themselves only toward the society that contains it in itself, i.e., the society of Kabbalists. If there is no such example, it is difficult for them to absorb it.

My Response: Interconnection is what the nations demand. They demand a kind attitude toward them, they want social justice, social balance, and some kind of equality.

It is possible to really show that this is doable only when we all are like one family. Only if we get together at a common round table and start solving all the problems together, then we will succeed. We have already talked about this many times.

Our conversations show how difficult it is to push through the human desire to remain in their previous feelings and thoughts, and how much constant systematic explanation is required until all this somehow seeps through egoism. It is necessary to find a crack in it in order to constantly drip inside.

I have no complaints against anyone. I am dealing with a being called the man of our world who behaves according to his nature.

If I have any complaints to anyone, it is only to the one who created us, and not to the person himself.

Question: And who should I complain to?

Answer: If you feel inferior, then turn all your claims to Him too.

Comment: But 99.9% of people on Earth feel inferior in some way.

My Response: It depends on what. When you get under the influence of the right environment, you begin to feel yourself relative to them, you compare them with yourself and yourself with them. That is when you already see which way you really would like to change. You get other values, the ones that they bring to you.
From KabTV’s “I Got A Call. An example of a different reality” 9/3/11

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Until It Clicks Inside

243.01Comment: If we analyze the process of a person coming to Kabbalah when he develops the need for it, the first thing he feels here is power. And then the mind turns on. But at first, he still does not feel what you are talking about until he moves to a certain degree.

My Response: Of course not! He must constantly raise the level of cognition in himself, which depends on the change in his internal properties.

Let us say you listen and listen, do not understand anything, feel confused, and suddenly: “Tick!” something clicks inside, and you begin to understand and feel; everything becomes much clearer. And you already treat it as an existing fact. But before that, you listened and did not hear.

These are the steps we must pass, and there are many of them.

But what is interesting is that you change. Your properties change, expand, and become deeper, and then you have the opportunity to understand, feel, and accept all this.

Those people who are outside of this will not be able to do that. They will have to go through the path of searching and suffering, until they also come to the need to feel this world, our world, only in a deeper form, to the extent that it is being revealed to us today, but we cannot understand it.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Attraction … Rejection …” 9/3/11

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“What is the best way to make a wish come true?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What is the best way to make a wish come true?

First, you should have a great desire for your wish to come true.

Also, you should examine whether your desire aligns with—or is in contradiction with—the developmental course of nature, which leads everyone and everything to higher states of connection.

After such an examination, you should find and surround yourself with people who also wish to achieve a state of positive connection. You will then gain an understanding of how to advance to your desired result of a harmonious and peaceful connection with others and nature.

Based on “Kabbalah in the Modern Turbulent World” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.