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Kindness without Additions

528.02Question: What does the concept of kindness without any additions mean?

Answer: It is an absolute, pure good without any egoistic additions to the extent that we can isolate it and hold only on to it.

Question: How can we move from egoistic to pure love in the ten? Do we do it ourselves, or does the Creator transition us due to our requests?

Answer: As much as we want to be in a real non-egoistic connection between us, we are closer to the Creator. He is correcting our connection.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson 8/17/23, “To Come to Feel Others”

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Support on the Path

514.02Everyone in the group has various temptations that distract them from the spiritual path. In order not to stray from the correct path you need to rely on your friends; otherwise, you will not be able to sustain and go straight to the goal.

Although they have the same temptation, if you hold on to each other and go precisely this way, choosing the spiritual environment all the time, you will definitely get to the goal.

At the same time, you should not put pressure on your friends, but only show them how committed you are to the goal.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/23, “The need for the Creator’s salvation”

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Lesson from Above

115Hasidism is a trend built on the exaltation of the teacher, the exaltation of the Creator. And a Kabbalist, besides this, also has a critical attitude toward a teacher because a person who studies Kabbalah consists of two properties: egoism and a point in the heart directed against the ego.

The fact is that the egoistic property of the Hasid is ready to submit to the teacher, just as small animals serve a person and they feel good next to him.

I remember when I began to study Kabbalah, literally a year or two later I met my friend, who by that time had moved to America, to the Lubavitcher Rebbe: “Michael, I found a Rebbe! I found a teacher!” He said this with such enthusiasm that I became envious: “And me? I don’t have any of this. And he is so happy, overflowing; he found the whole world.”

The next day I came to my teacher Rabash and told him everything. I was young, independent and said everything as it is: “I am, of course, uncomfortable in front of you, but I don’t feel that I have found a teacher that I am so happy that it fills me and I have everything in the world. I do not have anything. I didn’t find anything, I’m always under pressure, searching. In my life I have already gotten used to this, but why are the paths so different?

He replied: “You were given a good lesson from above—the feeling that you really have nothing in your hands.”

And it will get worse and worse until the person really screams, demands with all his might, feeling: either death or a decision. There can be no other. But to reach this point, he must invest a lot. He should not wait until it manifests itself, but put pressure on it all the time.

It’s very hard. It takes a lot of nerves, many, many years. All this applies to those who have a point in the heart. And those who do not have it, they have no complaints at all.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Hasidism” 10/1/11

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The Upper Wisdom of the Torah

526Explain to me please, how can intelligent, thinking, educated people agree that a woman is made of a man’s rib, that snakes can speak, that there are magical apples in a paradise and you can eat them and know the truth, and many, many other things like that on every page of the Bible.

Where does our reason disappear? We clearly see that there is no such thing in nature. Why do we agree? This is why I am an atheist since I cannot agree with this. How do you, an intelligent, educated person, explain this to yourself? (Oleg)

My Response: I explain it to myself very simply. I just delve into what the Bible says, sink my teeth into it, and dig into it. There I find completely different explanations, different layers that amaze me. They do not simply satisfy me, but amaze me with their explanation and depth.

I discover such continuous, consecutive findings that I see that for those who do not want to attain them, our world, even without a biblical or some other interpretation, remains a mystery and worthless anyway. But the one who digs into this text and understands its allegory, really reveals the upper world for himself.

Question: In your program “Secrets of the Eternal Book” you explain this a lot. But for those who are asking now: What is this surface layer for when they write “snake,” or when they write “a woman is made of a man’s rib”? Why confuse humanity? Can they just say, “Let’s look inside” and to describe what is inside?

Answer: People looked at the root of the action, at the root of the problem, and therefore described it this way.

Question: So, they look at the root of the problem and write “serpent.” What problem do they see?

Answer: They see that from all our world, a similarity to this action can produce an image of a serpent.

Question: What action are we talking about?

Answer: That it lies, that it thinks only of himself, slanders, and so on. The feeling of the inner forces of the world leads them to such a language. Basically, when they were writing it, they felt these inner forces and desires.

Question: Can we say that this is behind every word of the Torah?

Answer: Absolutely everything is like that! Behind every word.

Question: What is the Torah about? Let’s say people do not know. They think that this is really a body of laws, that it is such a historical book that talks about the history of the people. It actually is there.

Answer: All of it is also there, of course.

Question: The commandments are also there: what to do, what not to do, let’s say. In general, what is the Torah written about?

Answer: It is about a person, about his place in nature, about his history, and his future.

Question: When you say “about a person,” is it about every person?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So how should I look at it; is it an external text or is it about me?

Answer: It is about you.

Question: Is this how I should start reading?

Answer: Yes. In general, this book itself is a guide for you and the world in which you exist.

Question: “The world,” do you mean this world in which I live now? In which we live with you?

Answer: Of course, yes.

Question: This book that was written 3,000 years ago, is it about today’s world?

Answer: Of course.

Question: What does it say? What is it really calling me to?

Answer: It urges you not to stay in a limited vision of this world, but to try to reveal it more deeply.

Question: What will I see?

Answer: The forces that control you and the world around you. Then you will see, discover, reveal, and get acquainted with a single force that is concealed behind the manifestation of these various forces.

Question: Does it mean that this book leads me to this single force? The more I look into it, remove the layers, the closer I will come to this single force. Is that the purpose of this book?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So, are we talking about the Creator?

Answer: Of course.

Question: The last question then. Oleg asks. He looks at it, of course, the way he sees everything around. He says: “We do not see this in nature.” This is his opinion. Such a single-layered opinion so far. But still, please tell me, what is the “Garden of Eden”? What kind of force is this?

Answer: The Garden of Eden, paradise, is a state of a person when he attains all the layers of nature in depth. This is the feeling of a person. The fulfillment he receives at that time is called “Garden of Eden,” a “tree of good and evil” and so on.

Question: What does it mean that a woman is made of a man’s rib? Eve was made out of Adam’s rib.

Answer: A man and a woman here represent two parts of the universe. The woman is more lively, intelligent, and I would say insidious. But at the same time, she fulfills the program of creation. She pushes the man to be more active. Which, in principle, is true up to our day.

Now it is still difficult for us to understand where the role of a man is here and where the role of a woman is here. But, in principle, they are interconnected in such a way as to reveal in all the actions of nature, the force, role, plan, and purpose of the Creator.

Question: Then what is called a “rib”? What is it?

Answer: A rib is that part of the desire of a person, of a man, which can be combined with the desire of a woman and correctly coexist with her. That is the part in a man that can become the basis of a woman.

Question: When you say “man,” what do you mean?

Answer: The quality of bestowal. And a woman is the quality of reception.

Question: The last question is a serpent; what is a serpent?

Answer: A serpent is a cunning one, I would say, in which the Creator hides, through which He shows a man and a woman how compatible they can be only in a certain connection with each other. Therefore, such a connection of a man and a woman with the help of a serpent is the beginning of life.

Question: When you say “serpent,” is it a force, is it a desire? What is it?

Answer: It is the force of desire.

Question: Why is he whispering to a woman? Here he comes to her and whispers: “Come on, do the forbidden, tell him…” Why is he egging on if the Creator is within it, as you say?

Answer: Because you cannot do this in a direct way, but only through deception, as it were.

But deception is actually a holy deception. Not in the name of deceiving and stealing, profiting, taking possession of something else, and in someone else. Because the very nature of creation is false, and it is necessary to deceive it. It is necessary to bring a person from a state of evil to a state of good, so the serpent does a big serious work.

That is, our world directs to evil in order to come to evil, and here it directs to evil in order to come to good.

Comment: It means that the serpent performs a great function.

My Response: A serpent?! It is the basis of life.

But to this day we are experiencing these problems and cannot understand where this serpent is, how to pull it out of us, remove it, and how to get rid of it. It surrounds us and is inside us. It rubs with us all the time.

Question: What is the future for the serpent and for us? Is it going to whisper like that, are we going to follow it like that? Will everything keep happening like this?

Answer: No, we have to reveal the true picture of the world, and then we can correct the serpent.

Question: What is the true picture? What should we reveal?

Answer: We must all together grab this “serpent” that is between us and hold it until it agrees to work together with us, and act together with us. When it says: “I agree,” we will believe it. And the world will suddenly become different.

Question: You say: “So that it would work with us,” and then where would we come with it, all together?

Answer: To reveal the truth, which is in being in the serpent’s wisdom, but for the sake of others.

Question: What did you mean by “serpent’s wisdom”?

Answer: This is wisdom.

Question: Why did you call it the serpent’s one? It sounded very beautiful!

Answer: Because the serpent has it. It is located between all the elements of nature and is ready to connect everything in order to take the best that each part of the element of nature has for the sake of others.

Question: Is this the serpent? So, is it something high?

Answer: There is nothing higher than it.

Question: Can the serpent be called something else? We called it strength and desire. What else can you call a serpent?

Answer: It is the upper wisdom.

Question: Why is it said that “it should crawl on the ground”? When it sinned, whispered to Eve, it was told: “From now on you will not walk, you will crawl on the ground and eat dust,” and so on. Why?

Answer: Because it told the person what the cause of his suffering was, and showed the person the correct solution.

Comment: It should be praised for this, but instead…

My Response: The fact is that the serpent must. The Bible does not seem to say this, but it must tell and show a person, reveal the future to a person, that is, bring Adam and Eve to the Garden of Eden. To the same Garden of Eden in which they were born and developed, but in a corrected form.

Question: So, after everything that happened, and there was a fall into our world from this Garden of Eden, do we need to go through this world with all its suffering and wars and climb back into the Garden of Eden? Is this the work of the serpent?

Answer: Yes. Then the Garden of Eden will be revealed all over the earth. Forever.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/7/23

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Kabbalah—The Science of Bestowal

214Question: For many years we have been going through unconscious development during which our desire to be filled, to receive pleasure, has constantly evolved. And what is conscious development?

Answer: Conscious development is when we begin to understand that we cannot live with just the desire to enjoy, to be filled. In addition to the desire to receive, we also want to be in the desire to bestow. And here the problem arises: How can we develop within the desire to bestow?

Here the wisdom of Kabbalah comes to our aid. Through the study it becomes clear how to develop this in ourselves.

The science of bestowal is the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is in contradiction with all sciences, methods, and theories that without exception deal only with the desire to receive, upon which the whole nature of our world is based.
From KabTV’s “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah” 8/27/23

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With the Same Words

269Comment: Nowadays many people in the world speak practically with your words; they basically say the same thing.

My Response: Humanity is slowly coming to the same conclusions that were written in Kabbalah thousands of years ago, because such is evolution.

When Kabbalah tells people about this, they begin to move along with this wisdom: to change themselves, develop their sensitivity, and attain. Therefore, Kabbalists long before our time spoke of the upcoming crises as the last days of the correction of the world, i.e., about the correction of the last layers of egoism.

Today we must implement this. Thus, it is not surprising that people use the same words that I do. But the fact is that their words come from the small layer that they are beginning to attain today. We, however, speak to the extent that each of us attains what is happening, at a deeper level, since we are ahead of them along the axis of attainment and along the axis of development.

Usually, everyone is willing to listen to more developed people who look further than the rest. After all, they have already passed these states, so why “fill the bumps” at every step? But unfortunately, humanity does not hear us.

Therefore, we are left with the only solution: to disseminate Kabbalah in its normal form, in the form of science, in the form of information, and on the other hand, in the form of education where we explain to everyone how to approach this world today and how to participate in it.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Healing Energy” 10/1/11

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“How does one discover their true self?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How does one discover their true self?

We discover our true self from within what Kabbalah calls the “point in the heart,” a tiny desire within us that attracts us upward to another realm beyond this world.

Today, we live in an era where people despair more and more from living in this world. Rising depression, loneliness, anxiety, stress and drug abuse signal that more and more people wish to separate from our current sensation of life. However, at the same time, a new desire surfaces within us with a spark hope, fulfillment and vitality. This desire’s fulfillment exists in a different place to where we understand and feel our desires’ fulfillment up until today.

If we pursue the fulfillment of the point in the heart, not suppressing it but interesting ourselves in how we can exit our present state and progress upward to discover life’s source—what we live for, why we were put here to begin with, and what is the meaning of life—then such a point guides us to the revelation of our true self.

The more we seek according to the demands of the point in the heart, the more we will be led to discover the source of our existence in the upper force of nature, the force of love and bestowal, which created and sustains all life.

In other words, our true self and the upper force are one and the same. We arrived here in our world by way of descent and stemming down from that upper force, and we can ascend back to that root point of our existence via a path of ascent. The point in the heart, also called “the desire for spirituality,” is what attracts us to that exalted spiritual state.

We were all initially created in what the wisdom of Kabbalah calls “the world of Ein Sof (Infinity).” We descended into our world from the world of Ein Sof through various levels, from a lofty state of love and bestowal down into its opposite egoistic state that characterizes our world.

We exist in the world of Ein Sof in our perfect and eternal state—our soul. We were initially created in such a state, and from there, our soul—the root of each and everyone’s soul—began shrinking, gradually minimizing until we ended up in this world where only a tiny fragmented point of a desire remains in our consciousness of the great big soul we all share.

Our descent from a eternal and perfect state as a single soul into our world was intentional. From our current form of existence, we need to start developing back up to the state we were created in, and to do so by seemingly creating it by ourselves, not just by receiving it with no free choice. We will then attain a much fuller and richer sense of our state as a single soul.

In our original state, we had no real sense of that soul, no sense of life. It is because we lacked feeling the complexity and the purpose for our development. Our soul underwent shrinkage to a tiny point that exists as a small spiritual desire within us, and from the feeling of this tiny point, we can develop this desire up to a sensation of our full soul, and on our own accord.

In other words, by attaining the root of our soul—our true self—through developing and nurturing our point in the heart, we develop, sense, examine and increasingly understand that desire, all the way until becoming fulfilled through it. When we return to the world of Ein Sof, we then live to our fullest extent: in eternity and perfection.

That is our true self, and it is what we have to attain.

In the wisdom of Kabbalah, this state is called “the attainment of adhesion with the Creator,” and it is considered the purpose of our lives, the reason for our creation in the first place. The Creator is the force of love and bestowal that becomes revealed within us, and which fulfills us completely, in such a state. In Hebrew, the word for Creator (“Boreh”) comes from two words “come” and “see” (“Bo” and “Reh”), i.e., “come and see” that you receive every goodness and delight there is to receive in existence.

Based on “Ask the Kabbalist” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on September 18, 2008. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.