The Full Glass

laitman_276_01We can explain the concepts of the wisdom of Kabbalah, the “Kabbalistic mechanism,” using the language of desires that everyone understands.

Let’s imagine the vessel of the desire to receive in the form of a glass. The general desire is made of different things, desires for food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge.

When we study them, we see that each one by itself and all of them together, are divided into five parts, five layers, from zero to four.

Thus, I only can receive what can enter my desire. If it is a small desire, I will receive very little, and the more the desire grows, the more I will be able to contain inside me until I reach the maximum desire and will be ready to swallow the entire world. This is how my ego works.

So, how can I change myself? How do I cease to receive on a regular basis? After all, it really limits me. How much can I receive, and who will give it to me? Because we operate according to an egoistic plan, we have reached a general crisis. So, could there be another method?

What if I restrict my desire, building a partition above it, and use it not in order to fill myself but in order to fill the desires of others? I want to bestow unto them, which is called the Returning Light (Ohr Hozer).

The Full Glass-1
However, what can I fill others with? I must feel others in order to understand that. This is the reason that I build a new desire on top, the desire of others. Then, I fill them, which means the desires of others and not mine. If we all fill one another, we connect to each other, and the Upper Light is always among us.

The Full Glass-2
If the Light fills my ordinary desire, I cannot feel anything anymore. A minute ago, I was very thirsty, but I drank some water and the desire disappeared. So, how can I keep receiving pleasure continuously? In order to do so I must make a hole in the bottom of my glass so that it will connect with someone else’s glass through the hole. Then, all the pleasure will flow through me to another, and we both will be filled, but, now, I will have the Light for myself and also for another (1+1), and I will be able to receive double pleasure.

Thus, I can connect myself to more and more new glasses and receive pleasure for the entire world. The Creator is above me, and the entire world is with me, all the people, and so I receive all the pleasure in the world.

The Full Glass-3
This seems so simple, but people don’t know it. They can draw something from life and see that it is right.  But, in fact, we are talking is about elements not related to the receiving desire and his usual psychology, but to the desire to bestow. If we try to fill the desires of this world, then this is psychology. If we are looking for a way to fill the entire world and not ourselves, it is through integral education (IE).

Eventually, we operate according to simple psychological calculations, but the only difference is that we don’t draw for ourselves. In fact, we cannot do that today because we are in a global crisis and we have no choice.

The Full Glass-4
From the One America “Virtual Convention” Day Two 11/17/13, Lesson 3

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