The Revelation Of Egypt

Laitman_155When Abraham gathered his group, he said to the Babylonians, “Whoever is for the Lord, [let him come] to me!” This was in fact his message. He didn’t look for those who simply weren’t happy with this world, but for people who understood and felt the most important thing was the spiritual ascent—the ascent above egoism and the search for the upper force. Abraham’s call was for those who wanted to reveal the Creator.

About five thousand people responded to this call. They were attracted to his idea, to his goal, and the means for attaining the goal was unity.

Abraham drew men to his side, and Sarah, women, and together they worked on “proselytizing.” In other words, their students received guidance as to how they should work in order to bestow, and to work together, on the connection between them because without connection, they wouldn’t receive the Upper Light. This group eventually became the house of Abraham, a family with which he left Babylon and reached the land of Canaan.

Many things happened along this spiritual path. The group was formed, and its structure became clearer. Part of the desires were not used anymore and died, and others were born and developed. Thus, they advanced until the time of Jacob, the middle line, when problems of a new quality were revealed.

The children of Israel had to discover a deficiency for Egypt, which is revealed in the middle line of Jacob. One of his sons, Joseph, began to feel the state of greatness (Gadlut) inside him and and it was countered by his brothers. He couldn’t get along with them or live with them anymore since he felt that the Aviut (thickness) of the deeper layers of the desire was missing here, and that without it he couldn’t fulfill himself. The brothers didn’t understand him, and he needed Pharaoh at the time. Joseph is the outcome of Abraham, who asked the Creator, “O Lord God, how will I know that I will inherit it?” It was actually Joseph who could connect to this great desire to receive and attach it to Israel in the state of greatness, in yearning for Yashar El (Straight to God).

Then, they needed the Torah, the method that allows everyone to clearly understand and feel Pharaoh inside them in order to continue this work in order to bestow so that they could consciously draw the Light that Reforms upon them. These are new phases of spiritual work that are increasingly more intense, but the style remains the same: connecting, drawing the Light that Reforms, and then connecting and drawing the Light once more, and, thus, over and over again. This is how we advance.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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