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A Cry from the Heart

239Question: Is the state before crossing the Machsom when there is a lump in your throat, tears flow, and you scream?

Answer: It just seems to you that you are screaming from the depths of your soul, that you are being torn to pieces. All this is child’s play because it does not come from real attainment, which is complemented by the correct state.

People are, of course, torn apart. I remember myself, and I know these states. Everything is completely wrong. It must be balanced between the heart and the mind and come at the same time from both understanding and suffering. But not the kind of suffering that arises in you: “Give me!” and so on.

In this case, unnatural suffering arises from the inability to become a bestower: “I want to be in the quality of bestowal! I want to, but I cannot do it. I do not have this quality!”

This state is similar to childbirth: “It must be born in me!” This is the pressure you feel from within. Moreover, this is the pressure on the quality of bestowal. It is not a demand: “Give me!” It is the demand: “Give me an opportunity.”

Question: I just saw a man who was crying and saying that he needed the light of correction. How plausible is this?

Answer: Children cry too, so what? I remember I cried too. And my teacher Rabash just laughed in my face as if he had in his hands what I wanted, but would not give it to me. He said: “These are not real tears. This is not a real scream.” And, of course, he was right.

Time is what we need. But now time is shortening. By connecting with the rest of the network, you put yourself in a state where you must receive help from above since you are a transition point, a node, in this system. Therefore, you can radically shorten the entire path of your revelation of this system.

But today it is so close to everyone that you will see it very quickly.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Last Scream before Death” 10/24/11

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Erich Maria Remarque Was Wrong

565.02The strongest feeling is disappointment. Not grudge, not jealousy, and not even hatred. After them, at least something remains in the soul. After disappointment—emptiness (Erich Maria Remarque).

Question:  In general, disappointment occurs after strong hope. How can one not to be disappointed if everything is in vain? How? A person will be disappointed, right?

Answer: That is correct. It is after this great, all-encompassing disappointment that the correct attitude toward life emerges. When you do not look at it as “what else I need to take from it” but “what can I give?”

Question: This is a complete revolution. You are overturning your nature. That is, disappointment is a direct blow to my egoistic nature? And this, you are saying, is very good?

Answer: Yes. Directed against one’s egoism, the real one.

Question: Then what is my step? I am utterly disappointed; what is my step?

Answer: I am no longer disappointed. I am already disappointed, I have already parted with disappointment itself. What do I have left? Nothing. Only to be in the same state as the Creator. Meaning, to give everything, to return everything, to pay off everything, to be empty, absolutely free.

Question: This is what you called a state of bestowal?

Answer: Yes. And after that, if you are lucky, you could think about how to engage in bestowal in order to ask the Creator and give without any expectations, selflessly, pure bestowal. Why, for what purpose?

There is no answer to that. And to whom, there is no answer. Just like that, “send your bread upon the waters.”

Question: And is this true freedom?

Answer: Yes. There is no better state than this!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/24/23

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Hate Creation?

261Comment: You once said that in every person there is both the Creator and a creation. I must love the Creator and hate creation.

My Response: No, I would not say that creation should be hated because it is also a part of the Creator coming from above. I just have no right to agree with it. I must work against this egoistic part together with its owner.

And my friend is a person who can separate his “I” from his egoism and from his point in the heart.

Egoism was given to him by the Creator initially and so was the point in the heart. But it begins to manifest itself from some point in life. Therefore, I relate to the personal “I” of a friend.

His point in the heart and his egoism are two parameters that are given to him by the Creator. Therefore, by relating to his “I,” I help him in developing his point in the heart and in suppressing his animal egoistic qualities.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. To Love the Creator… to Hate Creation…” 10/22/11

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The Creator Is the Driver

507.05The article “The Donkey Driver” in The Book of Zohar talks about a man driving donkeys.

A driver is not a simple figure. This is a force that drives our beast, that is, man, and causes certain properties, thoughts, feelings, and reactions in him. So, this driver is very complicated.

“Donkey” in Hebrew is Homer, and Homer in Kabbalah is our will to receive. It is called an animal that we develop and push forward. In principle, the donkey driver is the Creator Himself.
From KabTV’s “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” 9/3/23

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