When Life Becomes Meaningful

627.2Comment: On one hand, nature has given us everything today, in terms of comfort, you can satisfy any desire. On the other hand, along with this, a feeling of inner emptiness grows in a person.

My Response: This is very good because we have nowhere else to develop. We went around the world, bought an apartment, a car, changed spouses several times, gave birth, and lost our children. We have already done everything. What is next?!

This world does not give more. What else can it offer to us? Therefore, some perversions appear. Okay, let us try them a little bit. That is all. Then what to live for?!

Then comes emptiness and disappointment, that is what you have come to. It seems to you that although we used to live primitively, it was nice: family, meadows, children. All this is drawn to you so pastorally, harmoniously. But today, what a horror! A person is obliged. He cannot run away anywhere, and most importantly run away from himself!

He tries to do this by saying, “I live the way I live.” But it does not work because the law of nature is such that we cannot get away from it. We will still have to reach an answer to the question of the meaning of life. Moreover, not achieve it philosophically and not to somehow calm yourself, but to find it, see it, understand it. What does a person live for? This is not just a purely theoretical question, search, and torment through thorns to the stars, and so on. No! We want to see it!

In fact, this question rests on death. A person should know that he continues to live, but not by some kind of faith—by what religion promises him. He should see a clear, beautiful, bright continuation in front of him. Then these tens of years of life make sense.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Centaurs” 1/15/10

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