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Know Yourself!

281.02Question: In material life, one should be satisfied with what is necessary for him. At less than this level, he will not be able to live. How can he establish what he needs?

Answer: Your spiritual development will provide those material needs that you need. There is no need to establish any rigid and coercive criteria, to put pressure on oneself and moreover on others, but engage in internal development, in what Kabbalah prescribes.

As soon as you start doing this you will begin to go through all kinds of states, sometimes not very pleasant ones, because you will discover who you are, what kind of person you are. As you gradually transform in accordance with what will be revealed to you, you will demand less or more from your life to that measure.

In no case should you change anything in yourself and act according to some canons, books, or other people’s advice. Proceeding directly from his inner change, a person himself will change, he himself will change his environment, he himself will relate to the world in a different way.

Kabbalah says that this is the most natural way of our development, cognition, and bringing ourselves to harmony. That is, you should not do anything, but simply gradually reveal yourself and the world. This is a process of self-discovery.

When you get to know yourself, you will naturally start sorting out the bad from the good and choose what is best. Thus, everything will begin to change naturally, smoothly, and effortlessly.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Centaurs” 1/15/10

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962.3Question: What will make a disabled person feel equal?

Answer: We are not equal to begin with. None of us is equal to anyone else. It is only in the connection between us that we can reach a state in which we complement each other until we reach a state in which we assemble by ourselves a system of one man.

Question: If we gave an example of the right connection in Israel and integrate disabled people in the community, in society, at work, and everywhere, and give the feeling of equality above all the differences, would that be a kind of light unto the nations of the world?

Answer: Yes, if we did that disabled people would feel that they are on a special mission, an upper mission, that they ascend above their disability, and thus would be able to see real life. I believe that this is what they lack, that we should complete them with a soul through which they can reach a perfect world and not feel that they are missing anything.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 12/5/21

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Until Others Are Dearer To You Than Yourself

624.04Comment: Our planet is in a very bad condition. In the past there were all sorts of programs to fix things.

My Response: In the past we were more naïve, but now we already understand that there is nothing we can do. The human mind can only ruin, destroy, destruct, or lead us to a dark and gloomy future.

Question: So why do we have such confidence in our minds?

Answer: So that we will fully realize that our mind is worthless.

Question: Is it like a mousetrap?

My Response: Yes. What is the difference between man and all the other creatures? It is supposedly our minds. It sounds as if man is proud of it. We have a machine in our head called a brain and emotions in our heart, but they are both egoistic, closed inside themselves and locked in our daily existence, so nothing good can ever come from them.

Question: So what can we do?

Answer: The only thing we can do is to get closer to each other. We should reach such relations between us in which others are dearer to us than ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/29/21

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What Is In A Person’s Control?

760.2Question: Does a person determine whom to meet, whom to marry or divorce, and to be successful in his life?

Answer: A person determines absolutely nothing, except for one thing—to quickly realize his state as evil, choose the next correct state as good, quickly gather all the possible forces, and move forward.

To put everything together correctly, to take the right step forward in accordance with the desire of mother nature and to walk hand in hand with it, this is our only freedom of will.

Nothing else can a person change. Based on what he could make decisions? He does not have any data. How do we know our next state: which is better, which is worse, for what purpose?

What do I choose between? Where are two defined circumstances in front of me and the freedom of will between them? In what? A person never has this.

We perceive the lack of information, misinterpreting the situation as freedom: “I am free!” In a minute something will fall on your head, why are you shouting?!

The little man is in such an illusion all the time. But now we are gradually coming out of it and beginning to understand that nature is self-contained, global. After all, all the latest scientific discoveries only talk about this.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Fire Island” 1/1/10

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