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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There is a lot of anger and fury brewing under the surface in today’s world. It seems that an explosion is about to happen.

Answer: It’s true. For the time being everyone is talking about the post-crisis growth, all the while something explosive is in the mix. After all, the crisis has not disappeared and the pressure is rising.

Given this state of affairs, we must work tirelessly in explaining what’s happening. We must present to people the causes and the solution, which isn’t at all what they imagine.

In reality we don’t have many options. No progress is going to make everyone rich because there simply aren’t enough natural resources. On the contrary, the masses are only going to become poorer, although it would be desirable to avoid it. We are left with a third option: to level out the general standard of living to an acceptable  level. We have to come to this. Then we’ll be more or less equal amongst each other and balanced with nature.

Today we simply don’t think about what will happen ten or twenty years from now. It’s as if humanity went blind: we have exhausted all our resources and are pretending like nothing is going on. This is truly a special time. Like a handicapped child, we are recklessly cutting down the branch on which we’re sitting, thereby depriving ourselves of a future. Ultimately we will be left with nothing.

However, no one can stop the course of events. On the contrary, the top few who carry out the decisions are the ones promoting consumerism. In reality, the angel of death is giving us a drop of poison on the edge of a sword, and we’re closing our eyes and opening our mouths.

The only solution is explaining, propaganda. Naturally, it seems pretty powerless next to the global feast that’s ruining and polluting the planet. Nonetheless, this is the way. We have to do all that’s possible. The pressure is growing. We’re sort of going through an “incubation period” of an illness and later an epidemic will break out. In this dangerous period we must work as much as possible with the world, using all accessible channels. There’s always something to add, and our work will surely bear fruit.

As far as the pending explosion is concerned, it’s difficult to say what it will be like. One possibility is war, used to divert the public’s attention from the original problems. I hope it won’t happen, however, such plans obviously are being nurtured. After all, the situation is becoming very bad, and it’s being taken to the limit, to the point of unbelievable debt and terrible imbalance.

We have to use all of our strength to disseminate our material to the masses and to strengthen our inner connection with each other. Only then will the general system begin to reveal the Light, which is the source of everything.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/16/2012, Writings of Rabash

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