A Prayer About A Successful Birth

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe need certain means in order to go from one state to another. The transition from reception to bestowal occurs as a result of a process of turning, whereby Malchut of the upper one becomes Keter of the lower one. For this reason one should always see how to best utilize this transition.

Most important is the transition. The states are already predetermined, but our work consists of speeding up the transition from one state to another as much as possible.

All states are determined by a link of informational genes called Reshimot, and all the degrees are already established in the process of the descent of the worlds from Above to below. The key is to hasten the transition from one state to another. The hastening occurs when we connect to the means that aid this transition. All of our work is focused on this interval.

A person senses a lapse: He still belongs to the lower level but at times he’s able to ascend to the higher level, and then once again he descends to the lower one. He fluctuates back and forth, as though leaning on a staff that turns into a serpent and then turns back to a staff again. A person has to know how to catch the serpent by the head or by the tail, and what action to make with his “hands” (in the desire to receive) in order to reveal one’s egoistic intention and correct it, meaning to clarify whether your intention is for the sake oneself or for the sake of bestowal.

We must understand that we are tied by external conditions as well. If we are in a transitional state, we are subject to certain danger, like during childbirth. While a fetus is in the womb, it is safe because its mother protects it. After a child is born, he is also safe because his mother will take care of him. However, the transition from one state to another, like the birth itself, is quite dangerous. This is due to the fact that many opposite force are engaged, and the proper combination of these forces allows us to be born, or transition from one state to another.

The difficulty is in the fact that while a person is in a transitional state, he is controlled by the external disturbances and can fall under their influence. Therefore, he must always protect himself from them. If one is surrounded by people that aren’t involved in the inner work and are not interested in anything other than soccer, then they don’t present any danger. However, if they are involved in something that resembles your spiritual work and wish to pull you to their side, they can influence you, especially if they are the majority.

This is particularly dangerous during the transition from one stable and fully realized state to the next state, which pertains to greater bestowal, giving yourself to the society, and connecting with friends. Between these two states a person is in danger, and he needs the realization of the Creator’s greatness, the importance of the study, the teacher, the friends, and the group. Then all of these factors that contribute to his birth will guide him correctly so that he can penetrate the narrow pathway between the levels and be born.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/17/2012, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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