Tomorrow Starts Today

Dr. Michael LaitmanTime, motion, and space do not exist. It is we who, in our consciousness, call our perception in some parameters as years or time, while in others as motion and space. According to this we see a certain picture.

However, there are no billions of years outside of us. If you ask whether there was a “yesterday,” it’s necessary to find out what “yesterday” or a thousand years ago means. What does “was” mean? It’s now that I feel these states and call them “yesterday,” “the day before yesterday,” or “tomorrow.” But if we separate this point of “I the perceiver” from this, there will be nothing left.

We concern ourselves only with how to exit this illusion. We are absolutely confused and there is no need to discuss what’s going on. We only need to search how to rise above this material feeling and understanding, and then we’ll sense and understand the truth and be able to judge our state. But while we are still inside of it, we won’t be able to judge; it’s absolutely useless.

We start with this reality because we must correct ourselves while staying in it. By addressing you, I essentially correct myself. There exists some kind of image of you that seems separate and even opposite to me. But in reality, it’s my inseparable part and I have to correct it. I see all my parts as seemingly foreign; this is called the shattering. And as soon as I correct myself, they all get connected.

And even at the very first degree, I will get a correct picture of time, motion, and space because a higher dimension will appear within me. I will start feeling what spiritual qualities mean; to some extent, I will begin to sense what the spiritual qualities, the three spatial coordinates, and time are. I will learn that time is a chain of causes and effects with no intervals that come out of mechanical actions.

A concept of spirituality is in us creating time by ourselves and defining its speed by our corrections. We don’t measure time by rotation of some material planets around each other for days, months, or years. Does the rotation of one cosmic body around the other define the concept of time according to which I live? Do I have to live in accordance with space rocks moving relative to each other?

There is no time in spiritual world. Each and every action happens right after one another: You do an action, cause a pulse, the next action, one more pulse, with no delays between them. We don’t take into consideration how the Earth, the Moon, or the Sun rotate at that time.

The root of the problem is that we don’t yet feel spiritual time. But the moment we enter spirituality even at the very first spiritual degree, we will start perceiving the world in new categories. This won’t be an illusion, but an actual feeling.

In the same way we feel this world around us in our internal perception, we will get an additional picture that will give us new definitions. Until the end of correction, we will be living in two dimensions: in a dimension of this world and in an additional dimension of the spiritual world. After all, until we are fully corrected, some part of the lowest degree of this world will remain in us each time. We will be revealing and extracting from this “Egypt” ever new qualities and correcting them.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/11/2012, The Gate of Intentions

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