What Is In A Person’s Control?

760.2Question: Does a person determine whom to meet, whom to marry or divorce, and to be successful in his life?

Answer: A person determines absolutely nothing, except for one thing—to quickly realize his state as evil, choose the next correct state as good, quickly gather all the possible forces, and move forward.

To put everything together correctly, to take the right step forward in accordance with the desire of mother nature and to walk hand in hand with it, this is our only freedom of will.

Nothing else can a person change. Based on what he could make decisions? He does not have any data. How do we know our next state: which is better, which is worse, for what purpose?

What do I choose between? Where are two defined circumstances in front of me and the freedom of will between them? In what? A person never has this.

We perceive the lack of information, misinterpreting the situation as freedom: “I am free!” In a minute something will fall on your head, why are you shouting?!

The little man is in such an illusion all the time. But now we are gradually coming out of it and beginning to understand that nature is self-contained, global. After all, all the latest scientific discoveries only talk about this.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Fire Island” 1/1/10

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