Who Determines Fate?

294.4Question: A letter from Svetlana Alexandrova: “It is nice to listen to you, but you always rely on the Creator to solve everything, and on a combination of circumstances. Only some people have a wonderful life, and others do not. Who decides who and how I should live? This is unclear. It is very difficult to accept that some Creator is favorable to some but not to others. What should we do with this? Why does the Creator decide this way?”

Answer: It depends on the root of a person’s soul; it does not even depend on the Creator. The Creator does not choose whom to be friendly with and whom to punish, and whom, on the contrary, to elevate. There is no such thing. It all depends only on the state in which the total sum of souls is, how they interact with each other.

Here everyone has their own destiny. But this fate, in general, is predetermined, and no one here has any distortion, some kind of favor, a special state better or worst in relation to others. None of this exists. It all depends on the person himself.

Question: So, you are saying that every person, everyone, has their own root of the soul in the common soul? Is it on this string that he should rise to the common root?

Answer: This is not a string, but a path to climb a mountain on all fours, fall, rollback, and climb again.

This is all predetermined except for how a person will perceive this path of ascent.

The more we think and strive for connection and convince the Creator to help us, the faster we accelerate our development to a good state. We do not have anything else.

Question: Is that why you always rely on the Creator?

Answer: I trust in the Creator that we will force, oblige, and convince Him to help us create a normal human society out of us in good external conditions.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/8/21

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