Map Of Fate

laitman_448In the Jewish calendar, there are special correlations between dates. This is because the spiritual system has an instrument called Zeir Anpin (ZA), which is clothed by Malchut, and the light of Bina enters it from above.

Zeir Anpin has particular openings or holes, through which it shines to Malchut. When some hole corresponds to the receiver, Malchut, the soul, then the light enters it, and this is called “Mazal” — a person’s destiny.

There are special correlations between days and nights and between various times. For example, something that can be done on a particular day and time of night, can also be done on a different day at a different time, and the results will be practically the same.

We see to what extent we are affected by the light of Bina. According to Zeir Anpin and Malchut, each time, we place ourselves in a new fate.

In Judaism, the astronomical tables were put together a very long time ago. Columbus, Newton, and other famous scientists as well as voyagers used them. Abraham himself was a great astronomer and astrologist.

During Abraham’s times, astrology was not like it is today. It was based on a clear connection between the placement of stars, the Moon, the Earth, and the Sun in regard to every person, relative to their soul, taking into consideration when he or she was conceived, born, and so on.

If we knew all that, we would know what will happen to every person and how they will act—their fate would be known. There was no need for fortune telling—this is the map of our destiny.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/30/18

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