The Difference Between Corporeal And Spiritual Connections

530Question: The Creator chose us and brought us to the group. But since I have only corporeal experience of connecting with other people, what is the difference between a connection in a corporeal society and a spiritual one?

Answer: You have a different goal in a spiritual society. You connect with each other by completely different principles, with a different goal, and you behave differently.

The support of your friends in the group is very important here. And since you want to achieve a certain goal, this support is completely different than in a regular civilian group. Here you must teach each other, unite with each other, inspire each other, make sure that people do not fall-out, and so on. That is, this is a serious, huge work.

Practically all spiritual work is carried out not between us and the Creator but between ourselves.

But this is a whole system. So, if you understand what is being done in a civilian group, here you will have to learn it all in a new way and try not to mix the two approaches.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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