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By The Law Of Roots And Branches

627.2Question: How do you feel about biblical miracles: the parting of the sea, ten plagues, manna from heaven, and so on? In the primary sources, it is written that these are miracles.

There are people who believe it and there are others who try to prove that these events really happened. What is your attitude toward them?

Answer: I treat it the way the Kabbalists do: there are no miracles in the world at all. Everything that seems to us like miracles are natural phenomena that can occur under special circumstances, even within the framework of our world; the Bible (Torah) speaks not of the material world, but of the properties of the upper world.

The entire Torah speaks only about what happens to people when they achieve these properties.

Question: According to the law of root and branch, could these events occur?

Answer: Yes. The higher root must manifest itself at least once in its lower, earthly branch.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/30/21

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Let’s Switch Off The Electricity

962.3Comment: I read an article “Forward to the past or how to stop negative evolution” [in Russian] where they wrote that degradation has been going on for decades. Food is getting worse. Incomes and the standard of living of the middle class are falling. Security, education, medicine, human rights, and social protection are being destroyed. The institution of the family is in decline, the birth rate is falling. Culture, art, fashion, cinema, everything is in decline. Legislation is being rewritten in favor of the rich and powerful. Theft is flourishing, we need to provide for ourselves, for our children, as the future is dark. A sharp left turn to improve the lives of citizens will provoke turmoil for years, and right-wing conservatism is not much better.

I read no conclusions it is just full of this is bad and that is bad. That’s what today’s time is like.

My Response: I think if electricity were switched off, then everything would be fine. Everything would go out, subside, machinery would stop. And that’s it.

Question: What would this blackout mean?

Answer: It is energy, any type of energy that feeds our egoism in all its egoistic manifestations in this world, energy of combustion, electrical energy, energy of movement , we use all this to our detriment. We need to go back 120 years and realize how we to create the world anew.

Question: So we have to understand why we would be given electricity? Not to steal progressively and earn money, but for something else? What for?

Answer: Just to restore the right connection between us. And to this extent we can use all the energy.

Question: Why do I turn on the lights, turn on machinery, and drive cars?

Answer: Only in order to transmit goodness to the world. I need energy for everything kind and useful I can do for the world, connection with others. And if I can’t do it clearly, if I don’t know how, then I don’t need energy. Don’t let me, don’t allow me to come in contact with other people at all.

See what is going on with the Internet! This is terrible! How much hatred there is! As soon as we turn on the energy, electricity, all the evil rushes out.

Question: Should a person translate the word “good” in different ways or in one common context?

Answer: For the benefit of others.

Question: What is the benefit of others?

Answer: The benefit is that they should also think about the benefits for others.

Question: And then what is the general benefit?

Answer: We should all be wrapped up in common concern for the benefit of others. That’s it.

Question: Is that why we need to turn on the light?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/4/21

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How To Catch Luck By Its Tail

259.01Question: Some psychologists were asked the question: “How to avoid failures?” They said failures could not and should not be avoided because we learn from failures. They said further that how often we fail is not what matters, but how many times we rise and how we react to falling.

This is a good answer, but after all, failures break some people or force them to abandon the goal, some become passive or helpless, and others fall into depression. Failures always bring pain. What is the correct approach to failure?

Answer: Whatever should be will be. What should happen will happen. We must be ready for everything and understand that life is like this,  good times, bad times.

Question: Does it mean that bad times are always followed by good times?

Answer: Maybe good times will come for a little bit, touch you, but they  will come. And then bad times come again.

Question: How will I change then? Will I no longer suffer and be hurt from this?

Answer: No. We are arranged in such a way that we just run away from failures. We cannot analyze them correctly, acknowledge them, correct something, and prepare ourselves for something. We simply cannot. We only work to escape from them. This is a completely wrong action and philosophy itself.

If we link these two states, failure and good luck together, then we will turn ourselves into the ones who have control over them, and we will not be weak-willed either during failures or during successes.

Question: That is, do I sort of connect black and white?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do I not perceive it as a failure?

Answer: You rise above both states and therefore go through them easily. We just need to understand what it means to “rise above them.”

It means rising above your life aspiration, to stop chasing luck. Understand that today, now, you are within luck itself, already inside it.

This is like when physicists say that there are all sorts of black holes. So in fact, we ourselves are in a black hole, in an astronomical black hole.

Question: What is behind it?

Answer: Nothing and we need nothing. Relax and understand that you are inside nature. Let it guide you. The main thing is to surrender to nature.

Question: Am I leaving the oars? There is a current, and I let go of the oars?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is there a current?

Answer: Even that does not matter to me.

Question: Is this even possible?

Answer: If you believe in a wise, great, eternal, almighty nature, then in my opinion, this is the most reasonable solution.

Besides, everything you come up with to go against it on your own only highlights the insignificance, limitation, misunderstanding, ignorance, and disagreement with this great nature inside which we exist.

Do not resist anything. Do not invent anything. Just try to understand what nature itself means, agree with it, cling to it, and you will find the most optimal component of your existence.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/15/21

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Through The Ten To More People

947Question: The number of social connections each of us needs is 10 to 20 people, i.e., the nearest circle. And then to the degree of distance, it increases to 150. So as man develops, will there even be such physiological changes?

Answer: Yes. It can happen because we are social beings and must feel  as a part of society. Otherwise we will completely slide down to the level of animals.

Existence in society, in a city, surrounded by others similar to us, in interaction with them shapes a person, although not above the level of the corporeal world, which in general degrades, that is, does not allow him to develop as needed. It turns out that while developing we limit ourselves, and this we see in our lives.

Therefore, we must try to rise to a higher level. But all this is determined by our correct interaction with each other. Therefore, regardless of whether I have 150 friends on social networks or somewhere else, more or less, I need first of all to perform my duties in the 10, and then through it connect to an ever wider circle of people, society, forces of nature, and so on. But all this is inside those 10 spiritual partners of mine with whom I develop.

Question: That is, this is a new level of communication through the 10 to an increasing number of people?

Answer: Yes. This is how everything works in nature.
From KabTV’s “ Kabbalah Express” 12/6/21

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