Good Luck To Us All!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Your comment during the morning lesson upturned all our plans! So how can we stay in groups during the convention?

Answer: All these conditions are for the 1%, not for the 99%:

1. Groups are divided into men’s and women’s parts and isolated from each other. Due to man’s weaknesses, women distract men from the goal. It is better for the men to spend all three days together. You need to prepare everything in advance. Usually, the men gather at their center. Their older sons from the age of 13 who have gone through the preparation can be with them.

2. Women can gather in homes or in a separate room in the center; they can come and go (women are freed from the actions that depend on time).

3. Don’t invite strangers and even former students who have not participated in the preparation for this convention. We have studied that preparation is most important!

4. Those who are engaged in the preparation should feel what it means to be in a collective intention and what factors may become a hindrance to success, which we all hope for.

Good luck to us all,
Dr. Michael Laitman

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