Spiritual And Corporeal Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is written “You shall love your friend as yourself.” Who is “your friend” for a person who has the point in the heart?

Answer: In general, we give the name of “your friend” to each person in the world who was a stranger to us and becomes close, your friend.

For a person with the point in the heart according to the hierarchy, “your friends” are those people who are with him on the path, friends in the group. We can be open with them, we can be involved in connection and unity, in mutual support, to realize the system of spiritual connection. We don’t find ourselves in this group by accident, we belong to one inner upper system, so we come together. Thus, first and foremost, we need to create between us conditions like “love for others.”

“Love for the other” is determined according to this: I begin to feel the desire of my friend, his needs above my own.

The concept,  “Love your friend like yourself” means higher than yourself, much more than yourself. Today, I love myself more than the whole world. This means, also in regard to my friends, that I need to relate in this way, that they will be more important to me than anyone. It is acquiring the attribute of bestowal when I grasp their greatest desire—reaching the goal, revelation of the upper system—as my personal desire and help them in that. If, for me, the spirituality of my friends is higher than mine, then at that moment, I reach revelation.

We mean by love, not what is thought of usually as love in this world, but specifically helping those who are with us on the path so that they will reach their goal. Love is called filling the desire of the other.
From the Preparation for the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13

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