Through The Ten To More People

947Question: The number of social connections each of us needs is 10 to 20 people, i.e., the nearest circle. And then to the degree of distance, it increases to 150. So as man develops, will there even be such physiological changes?

Answer: Yes. It can happen because we are social beings and must feel  as a part of society. Otherwise we will completely slide down to the level of animals.

Existence in society, in a city, surrounded by others similar to us, in interaction with them shapes a person, although not above the level of the corporeal world, which in general degrades, that is, does not allow him to develop as needed. It turns out that while developing we limit ourselves, and this we see in our lives.

Therefore, we must try to rise to a higher level. But all this is determined by our correct interaction with each other. Therefore, regardless of whether I have 150 friends on social networks or somewhere else, more or less, I need first of all to perform my duties in the 10, and then through it connect to an ever wider circle of people, society, forces of nature, and so on. But all this is inside those 10 spiritual partners of mine with whom I develop.

Question: That is, this is a new level of communication through the 10 to an increasing number of people?

Answer: Yes. This is how everything works in nature.
From KabTV’s “ Kabbalah Express” 12/6/21

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