A Ten The Size Of The World

laitman_933If everything depends on our connection within the ten, why are we given this whole world? How do I connect it to this picture?

Indeed, there is nothing else apart from the ten. And all the wider circles, the world Kabbalistic group and all mankind, are the same ten, only with more and more resolution.

I see a whole kaleidoscope of all sorts of colors, different people and things, but all this was originally in my ten, only I couldn’t see it. And now I see different continents, a multitude of people and forms, revealing a greater desire in the same ten.

The desire of friends suddenly grows to the size of a world group, and then the ten swells to the size of all mankind. But there are still ten of them, not nine or eleven—just one Kli. In every particle of the universe only one law exists, the same ten.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/13/20, “From the Prayer of the Ten to Its Prayer for the World” (Preparation for the Virtual Convention “A New World” 2020)

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