Make Room For The Creator

232.06Virtual Congress “New World” Lesson #3

The most difficult thing is to imagine a love that is always based on hatred, and both of them support each other, strengthen and exist only thanks to this.

This is how the spiritual differs from the material world where one cancels the other. We are used to our world where we can only love when we forget about hatred. And then hatred flares up again, and we forget about love and are ready to kill each other.

This does not happen in the spiritual world; there is both hatred and love at the same time. Both of them come from the Creator, and it is through hatred, which is the basis of this world, that we can rise to love, to the nature of the upper world. We exist in this sandwich, both in hate and in love, and these two lines, right and left, exist on equal terms. One can’t be bigger than the other.

And then we will feel the middle line revealed. It can’t be revealed yet because otherwise we will cancel one of the two lines. Only if there are two lines and we understand that one cannot be without the other, through our desire to preserve both of them, we create a middle line.

Do this exercise: Where I see my egoism toward my friends, I try to remove it, to uproot it. I cut it out as if with a knife, and I keep the space that is left and want to fill it with the Creator. I want the Creator to be revealed in it, otherwise He will not be revealed. If I want to reveal the Creator, it is possible only in those places and qualities where I have made room for Him.
From the A New World – Virtual Convention 8/15/20,“Love Covers All Crimes,” Lesson 3

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