Evil, Hell, Love

laitman_628.2Question: This is the case that took place in Japan: a person who was infected with COVID-19 and clearly knew that he was ill went out on the street, to public places, began to hug people, even came to his family. Then he came home and died some time later. This serves as a moral example. Is there a so-called upper court when a person intentionally goes to do this?

Answer: Undoubtedly, this court exists at the level of the forces of our world, this does not disappear anywhere.

The fact is that we are connected to each other into one common whole, into an integrated system. If a person supports this system and wants to bring it to an integral form, this is his merit.

And vice versa, if he breaks the chains of good connection between everyone, then this is his loss, punishment. So, of course, the person has done himself a lot of harm. He brought evil between us by his actions, spread evil, and then this evil continues to work further.

What are the consequences? The fact that he has delayed the whole system from moving toward integrality, toward connection, toward love—all this is on him.

Question: Is there such a direct connection that you can say that this is all on him?

Answer: Of course. Now his desires became much more egoistic. When he died, he got rid of the body, of the manifestation of this desire on such a low level, but which still was ready for the correction.

Now he cannot correct himself biologically. And how can he correct himself spiritually, if everything in him is so egoistic, and now it is unknown when he will get the opportunity to start his correction and in what form.

Question: Does this apply to all evil in the world? To all bearers of evil?

Answer: Yes.

Question: People immediately remember the terrible executioners, murderers, and so on. Does this apply to them?

Answer: Even worse. A person who does not allow others to live, does not give them the opportunity to correct themselves normally with at least some freewill, creates huge problems for himself.

Question: Why is this given to a person? Why is this implanted into him by the upper force, the Creator? Why set a person up like that?

Answer: All evil must be revealed. It has to be! Therefore, those souls who have done such terrible things in the past receive an extra load in order to bring them down to such a low from which they can begin to rise. Since if they are somewhere between bad and good, they do not feel themselves as bad.

Therefore, they need to be given an additional surplus of evil, then they understand that this is how they really are and that they need to be corrected.

Question: You are saying that absolutely everything is directed to correction, to good, to warmth, to love. And we have to go through these terrible states and see these terrible people, and hate them, and sentence them to execution, to death. Should all this be on the path to love, on the path to good?

Answer: I do not want to say that execution and death should be done at all. It cuts off a person’s ability to correct himself, and everyone should correct themselves. So I am not in favor of the death penalty.

However, it is necessary to put a person in such circumstances where he would definitely want to correct himself, by any means! Literally, let the eagle peck at his liver!

Question: What is correction?

Answer: Correction is the realization of your own meanness, insignificance, harmfulness to others, corruption. It is the desire to become useful and see how harmful you have been.

The realization that you were unfit for human communication, harmful and evil compared to the way you see now, this is the state of hell. This is hell.

The death penalty, however, does not correct anything.

Question: How can you bring a person to such a state?

Answer: To do this, you need to work on him. To do this, there must be educators and those who lead him precisely to an individual definition: Who in fact is he?

Comment: In other words, educators should not hate him, but rather should understand that this is a way of correction.

My Response: Yes. They must show him love. This is worse than death for a person. That is, the educators love him but in such a way that they seek methods to bring him to the recognition of the evil in himself.

I hope we will see more of these things when people start to change like this.

Question: When will people begin to understand who they are, and that they are murderers from this hatred?

Answer: Yes. They will wander the streets like the dead rising from their graves and will search for ways to correct themselves.

Question: Does this require educators who will show them what true love is? Will they be looking at them, hating them, and changing to fit them?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/11/20

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