Managing Stress, Part 6

961.2Coronavirus: Pluses and Minuses

Remark: Everyone today is looking for where the coronavirus came from. Whether it is biological, artificial, or allegedly launched by the Chinese.

Answer: What is the difference? It does not matter; it already exists.

Question: Is there a need to look for what is behind this virus?

Answer: Yes. To investigate what nature wants to tell us by it.

Question: Do we have any research tools for this?

Answer: Let’s see where this leads us. Let’s write down the positive and negative consequences of the coronavirus’ impact on human society and decide.

I think that it has many more beneficial consequences than harmful ones. Then maybe we should not fight against it but agree with it in some ways.

Remark: Most people do not believe that nature has a plan. I have never heard anyone talk about it.

Answer: We have no other way of knowing anything about it at all if we do not investigate nature in this way. Otherwise, we will begin to study some random effects on ourselves.

I see that this virus has brought many beneficial things to humanity. It saved us from unnecessary work, from misusing natural resources. The sky and water are clean. People stopped twitching, flying around the globe, and pointing their fingers at various tourist sights like monkeys. They stay at home more and pay attention to their families.

A lot of beneficial things happened. Let’s write this down and see that there have been so many positive changes for which we should thank the virus.

On the other hand, what harm is it doing to us? Ah, we get infected from each other by some unknown, incomprehensible phenomenon. We should be more distanced from each other. So, let’s distance ourselves, let’s make our lives more peaceful, let’s not jostle in the subway, on buses, and in crowded offices.

We can make our life completely different. We do not need the old life. We ourselves were cursing it. Six months ago, I read a lot of articles about how our world is coming to an end, that we will eventually just bring it to the edge by air pollution, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, the threat of war, or anything else.

We made the world such that this virus just stops us and says: “Take a step back and see how to arrange yourself better, more kindly, calmly. Otherwise, your place will be taken by those wild animals that started to come out of the woods.”

Question: Will the very process of studying and analyzing the cause of what is happening relieve a person from stress?

Answer: Of course. We will draw the correct conclusions and this will help us.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/25/20

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