Managing Stress, Part 5

552.03How to Manage Stress?

Question: There are many ways to manage stress, depending on the factor that causes it, such as breathing exercises, meditation, physical activity, cooking, breeding pets, or singing in a choir. All of this somehow distracts people and saves them from stress.

Many advise crying, keeping a diary, or spending time in the company of loved ones.

Yet, we see that even though all these tips help, it is only to a certain extent and only when stressful situations are local in nature. However, when there is a massive pandemic or some other cataclysm, other methods are needed. What can you recommend?

Answer: I do not see eliminating the source of the problem in these methods. All of them only help to somehow calm down a little. It turns out that the cause remains, but the person as if takes a sedative and now does not feel the cause, or feels it in a half or a quarter of its strength.

This is not a solution. Especially if this is a global issue concerning all the inhabitants of the Earth, who after a while will no longer know where to find food or how to exist.

Question: What will help them?

Answer: Only the revelation of the source of this phenomenon: what is the reason for such pressure on all of humanity. After all, nothing happens in nature for nothing, everything has its own reason.

The search for this reason itself is already the beginning of the cure. Just as we investigate a disease and try to find a cure for it, here as well we must find out why this is happening. Only now we are investigating not bacteria, animals, or our incorrect interactions with some parts of nature, but rather the meaning of nature, what it wants to push us to.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/25/20

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