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Kabbalistic Cosmology

934The law “Love your neighbor as yourself” comes from the very beginning of creation when the upper light filled the entire universe.

Speaking in physical terms, we can say that the entire force of creation, all its matter, was concentrated in one point. Then the Big Bang happened as a result of which the entire universe, all the worlds and all the galaxies emerged.

The Big Bang was caused by a short circuit between the will to receive created by the Creator and the will to bestow, which is the nature of the Creator.

When the will to bestow touched the will to receive created by it, the will to receive exploded and all the elements at all levels of the universe were formed from its particles: inanimate, vegetative, animate, human, and above the corporeal man, the level of spiritual development that makes man similar to the Creator and returns all matter to the equivalence of form with the Creator, with the light. This is what Kabbalistic cosmology says.

It does not matter where we begin to fulfill the law of Love your neighbor as yourself. The main thing is to start, and then we will advance by fulfilling it. Even if we fulfill this law in a small group, through this, as in a laboratory, we want to represent the entire creation.

The desire to build a connection between friends in the ten is a very elevated and subtle aspiration. It means that we are running an experiment in a laboratory in order to find out what creation is and what laws apply within it. By checking what laws apply between us in our small ten, we will find out how we can influence the laws of the entire vast creation.

The only problem is that we neglect the ten not understanding that we touch the most internal and most sensitive part of the entire universe through it,  both of the entire corporeal and spiritual world.

If we understood what a unique tool we had at our disposal, we would treat the ten differently. This is why the true picture is concealed from us, and we are like little children playing with blocks on the floor without realizing there is a vast world around us. We do not notice anything around us in our childish mind because we are completely absorbed in this game.

If we understood that the entire law of love for your neighbor was implemented in the ten, we would integrate into it, begin to work with all our might, and through it, we would reveal the entire reality, both corporeal and spiritual, as one single whole.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/20/21, Baal HaSulam, “The Love of God and the Love of Man”

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“Why Do So Many People Get Divorced Each Year?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Why do so many people get divorced each year?

A very large amount of people get divorced in our times because their love eventually turns into hatred, and no one teaches them how to build a relationship that treats both love and hatred as necessary in a healthy relationship.

How are both love and hatred necessary in a healthy relationship today? It is on the condition that we can navigate these opposites so that they complement each other, thereby strengthening the love.

By learning how to navigate the complementarity of these opposites, hatred will then never shatter the relationship, making us want to break up, but will act like a spice that adds flavors to a constantly-blossoming love.

We need to discover negative aspects about our partner, and to do so precisely in our desire to strengthen our love. Then, negative phenomena in our relationships would not cause us to run away from our partners, but the resistance would only strengthen the love, and we would feel our love grow more and more.

Based on the video “The Need for Love to Cover All Crimes in Relationships” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.
Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

Which Prayer Is Answered?

238.01Prayer must never be answered: if it is, it ceases to be prayer and becomes correspondence (Oscar Wilde).

My Response: Basically, prayer should constantly flow from one of its expressions to a second, then to a third, and so on until it comes to such a form that the Creator will be ready to cloth in it. Then everything will come to balance.

Question: What does it mean “the Creator clothes in it”?

Answer: Prayer is my behavior throughout life, through everything I have gone through, to its source the Creator; it expresses my deepest and general relationship to life, and through it, to its source. This is a real prayer.

Question: Am I building it or is it unconsciously born in me?

Answer: It is being formed gradually.

Question: Does it mean that I cannot simply compose it? Does my life compose this prayer?

Answer: Of course. It is not a philosophy.

Question: Is all my life accumulated in it?

Answer: All of it. A person composes prayers all his life.

Question: How should I live my life in order to raise a real prayer that will be answered?

Answer: You should try to open your heart, and you will see what prayer is in it and how it comes out. But you should really do it in this way. Otherwise, it is not a prayer.

Question: When you say “heart,” what do you mean?

Answer: I mean all your deepest desires and dreams, but even better, your demands from life.

Question: All these impossible desires, what are they?

Answer: It means that you want to come with them to the Creator. And you want Him to explain to you why He did not fulfill them.

Question: Which of my impossible desires will be answered?

Answer: Only one; if you ever desired something, did you expect these desires to be fulfilled by the Creator? That is not what you actually desired! Rather, you desired the Creator who would fulfill them. This will be their fulfillment.

That is, you did not desire money, happiness, fame, luck, no matter what and how, but you were waiting for the Creator to do it because you wanted Him to fulfill your desires, and only that will satisfy you. You need nothing else! Only Him! Even if He fills it with one drop, it will be enough because He did it!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/15/21

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The Domestic Violence Convict Will Be Horrified And Reformed

284.03In the News ( “France is launching an experiment that uses virtual reality to stop men convicted of domestic violence from reoffending.

“Already tested in Spain, the technology offers a ‘total immersion’ experience by way of a headset that allows the offender to view things from the point of view of his victims. …

“‘It’s a kind of empathy machine’ that highlights the emotions felt by victims and ‘makes men understand fear,’ explained Guillaume Clere, founder of the Reverto start-up, which collaborated on the project with the French Justice Ministry. …

“‘Studies have shown the correlation between low cognitive empathy and violence,’ Clère told AFP. …

“The headset device ‘has the ability to fool the brain’, explained Géraud de la Brosse, who is running the project for the French Directorate of Prison Administration.

“’It is a way to open a dialogue with the perpetrators,’ he told La Voix du Nord news site.”

Question:  The goal is to make criminals realize and feel that they have harmed others. Confront them with an aggressor who is like them and acts just like them. The idea is that they will find themselves in a position of weakness and understand what happened. Will they understand this?

Answer: This is, of course, an interesting idea—to put yourself in the shoes of the victim. This can be taught. I think this will help fix it.

Question: So they can suddenly realize and be horrified: “I was like this?!”?

Answer: Of course they will be horrified. If this is done correctly, then it will have a very strong impact.

Question: Do you think this is really a parenting moment?

Answer: This is the moment of education. After all through this you explain to the person and show him who he is.

Question: Can we say that this is the revelation of evil?

Answer: Of course this is the revelation of evil, the most real. I am for it. The idea is good. If the technique works, then this is very interesting. This immediately leads to repentance. And then, as a consequence of this to correction, remorse, and so on.

Question: Can we say that a person will no longer commit such a crime if this experiment passes?

Answer: No. I do not know how much this will affect a modern person who experiences constant external irritations that confuse him all the time, it depends on what they are and against what crimes it is used.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/4/21

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We Will All Feed On Insects

552.03Comment: Insects are no longer considered exotic food. Also food is getting more expensive now; everything is getting more expensive. Insects are considered an excellent source of protein without allergens or toxins. It is even said that protein supplements from insects are more beneficial for the body than meat.

I heard that producing one kilogram of protein from insects requires 500 times less water than producing one kilogram of protein from beef. There is a lot of such interesting data. About two billion people worldwide already include insects in their diets without any particular consequences.

To be honest, if I imagine eating a beetle, it is unappealing.

Answer: No, not just one beetle, you eat hundreds of beetles. They are ground up and well processed. And you are eating them in one form or another.

Question: So you think that one way or another we are getting closer to eating locusts and such?

Answer: There is no problem eating locusts at all. Locusts are kosher.

Question: So, Jews that keep kosher can eat locusts?

Answer: Of course!

Question: Man can eat anything, really. Even if he is disgusted by it, he can still consume it. Why?

Answer: Man is built like an animal. Therefore, he can eat all various protein compounds.

Question: What do you think we will be consuming, anyway? Let’s say humanity keeps growing. What are we going to eat?

Answer: There is no problem in the world regarding raising cows, steer, chickens, or anything else. No problem! It all depends on our desire, on our consent, on the level of society that we are building.

Question: And the fact that prices are rising and it is becoming less affordable? And hunger?

Answer: It is all a game.

Question: Whose game is it? Who is playing?

Answer: People are playing it.

Question: A third of the population is probably starving?

Answer: Probably, yes. Because people have an interest in it.

Question: So that some part starves? Why?

Answer: All this is being done, I would say, from above so that people would realize how vicious a society they live in is. What vicious qualities and relationships they live in.

I hope that we do realize the lowliness, the inferiority of those people who live today, including us, and that we will help each other rise a little. Then we can discuss whether we should catch bugs and eat them or not.

It is not about what we are going to eat. The question is “What will we be like?”

Question: And if we were, as you desire, corrected, kind to each other, then what?

Answer: Then we will transition to another state.

Question: But will we need to eat something?

Answer: No. We will not need anything. We will exist in a completely different reality, not this imaginary one, but a different, upper reality.

Question: What will sustain us?

Answer: The upper light. This is the real sustenance. Not some surrogates of our world.

Question: Then what is light?

Answer: The universal filling of everyone and everything.

Question: And one does not need anything else?

Answer: Nothing. That is how we are made.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/8/21

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Rise Above Signs Of Luck

608.01Question: Do people who predict certain events earlier than others still remain at the level of this world, this life?

Answer: Without a doubt. Moreover, they stop others in their spiritual development. And this is prohibited. It is said: “Do not bewitch and do not prophesize.”

You start studying external manifestations of stars, signs of the zodiac, and other matters instead of dealing with the higher one, the force that controls them. These signs are only a display of certain events.

Practical people have found connections between what will happen and all kinds of events. This is a huge historical practice that has come to us from the time when man was close to nature and could feel various signs, the connection between them, and what is happening or will happen.

As animals feel a few days in advance that there will be an earthquake or tsunami and run away from these places, so man once felt it, but not anymore.

Question: Is this the level about which Kabbalists say: “If you want to control your destiny, rise to its level”?

Answer: Of course not! It is not about running away from the tsunami. Then you would have to go back down to the animate level.

And we need to rise above these signs of good fortune. It is said: “Man is obliged to rise above the stars.” What does “higher” mean? He must rise to unite with the force that governs everything and become equal to it. And then he will be able to control his destiny.

The entire path of development from our state onward is the path of gradual development of the ability to control the entire universe like the Creator. That is, to the extent that I grow spiritually, I replace the Creator in this position.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Fate and The Book of Zohar” 2/5/10

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The Correct Connection Between Men And Women

917.01The correct connection between men and women means that a woman gives a man her desire and a man can fulfill it correctly.

When they create a family together, the female part, the desire to create, manage, and continue the race, causes the need for action in the man. It is the same in spirituality; the female part, cleaving to the male, gives him the opportunity to move forward because only for this is he willing to work and do something.

In our world, this happens in slightly selfish and disfigured forms. But if it were not for women, then men would have been playing games all their lives or playing war, nothing else. And thanks to women, the world is somehow moving forward more rationally.

Therefore, there is no need to make any complaints toward either men or women or to accuse men of looking for an external, animal part in a woman, while a woman is looking for reliability, a future, and such in a man. These relationships between them come from nature.

Biologists, geneticists, and psychologists talk about this. That is, the female part is more rational, and the male part is more disconnected from life. And their correct balance is possible only if we grasp Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Centaurs” 1/15/10

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12/23/21

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