Love For Animals Or Love For People

Laitman_049_01Question: A human being is a part of the animal world, albeit a most developed one. Animals can be herbivores or predators who consume each other. Throughout the entire history of humanity, people ate animals, so we can be placed into the category of predators.

Why, then, did vegetarianism became so popular lately? Could it be a result of people’s development to such a degree where they are uncomfortable with killing animals for their own pleasure?

Answer: I do not think that humanity has developed that greatly because development should be internal, not simply the growth of intellect. We know that high intelligence does not make a person kind to others. That does not depend on the level of education, on what university a person graduated from, or how many Nobel prizes he or she has.

In general, I do not see that man is evolving in the human sense. It is impossible to find an example where a nation reached high inner development by virtue of its technical progress and technological accomplishments, or even by achievements in literature, music, and medicine.

Germany was the most developed country before the second World War, and look at what kind of suffering the Germans brought to the entire world.

Question: But I am speaking about just one specific aspect: a person’s treatment of animals!

Answer: And I am not talking about animals but about a person’s treatment of people! We know that the most developed nation at the time made lampshades from human skin. This is why I do not see any signs of advancement in the fact that a person refuses to consume animals as food.

We are talking about the development of human qualities in a person. If vegetarianism would be a consequence of such development, then it will be a different story. However, for now, we are not talking about that. Vegetarianism has no connection to the good treatment of people.

Question: Is it not kindness if a person refuses to kill an animal for his own satiation?

Answer: It is a completely wrong approach because, even given that, we kill and torture animals daily through our egoistic relationships with people, and killing and eating a chicken is not egoism because a chicken exists in order to lift a person. The inner premise of a chicken is to help a person live and to raise him to a higher level.

Moreover, our bodies have such needs that are impossible to satisfy by consuming only a vegetarian diet. A person needs meat. We do not understand this yet and have not researched it enough. I am sure that such research exists, but it is being hidden and not allowed to be published.

A person cannot live without eating meat. Our body and its digestive system, the entire system of food intake, is arranged in such a way that we are required to eat meat, except for those who do not like it by nature. There is a special type of people who do not like meat.

The conclusion is very simple. We cannot spread vegetarianism as an ideology through persistent means of pressure. We need to stop advertising it across all channels. Ardent vegetarians themselves look like predators who are ready to tear other people apart for eating a piece of chicken.

Let vegetarians show others how much kinder vegetarianism has made them, how much their attitude toward people, and not just toward animals, has changed for the better. Let them first correct their relationship to people and only after that toward animals and show an example to everyone! Only then will I understand that it is a revolution in humanity and not just a vegetarian revolution.

A vegetarian diet is being referred to as natural, as closer to nature. However, is it natural? If a person wants to follow his nature, then he needs to eat meat.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/30/15

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  1. Dear sir,
    I was actually shocked to read your article about vegetarianism not having an basis or intrinsic worth.

    I ask you, what are the kosher laws for if not to train us to have compassion for animals and eventually wean ourselves from the desire to lust meat?

    I respectifully invite you to view the lecture given by Torah Researcher, Asa Kaisar on veganism and how the Jewish laws for eating are all geared toward making us more compasisonate people. You can see his facinating lectures at

    Regarding our need to eat meat. On what do you base your assumption that we need to eat meat? I have been meatless for 3 years and my physical and emotional states have greatly improved.

    How can eating a terrified suffering animal (with stress hormones in all of his muscles that we eat) be good for the body? The thought of eating a baby calf who was seprated from his mother after one hour and raised in a lonely box cart just so that we can eat him seems so heartless and sad. How can the suffering of animals lead to anything good?: So much food is accessible today; so why kill innocent sentient animals? Once we needed to kill animals for survival, but now? It’s only habbit. Why take a life when you don’t have to? It seems to me the height of ego and selfishness.

    It is very important to hear your opinion regarding why we still need to eat animals and your opinion regarding Asa Kaisar’s explanation of the Torah, Kashrut, eating animals, sacrificing animals, etc.

    Thank you very much for your time.
    With respect,

    Barbara Paz

  2. I’m actually gaining strength on a vegan diet. As long as I receive a full chain of amino acids. My body has everything needed to make its’ own protein. There’s many athletes going vegan, too. It may be the height of selfishness and egoism to eat an animal if it is suffering, and injected with hormones that make it more meaty. I know a Rasta that just eats what’s vital. It’s actually called the Vital Diet, or “I”tal.

    You eat what you need to survive, which is to say it isn’t wrong to eat a little meat if it’s on healthy animals that have been fished or hunted directly by the consumer, as an example. One of the simplest ways to understand eating foods rich in protein is that the body breaks the meat into amino acids. One of the common misconceptions people have about eating meat is that they receive their protein directly from the animal they ate, but before they do it is first broken into amino acids — only when the body has a full chain of amino acids, a protein is created by the body. This can be accomplished on a Vital Diet, or a strictly Vegan Diet.

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