Our Collective Consciousness Influences The World

laitman_947In the News (Epoch Times):“According to a University of Princeton study, an emotion or a thought that several people share simultaneously can affect the physical reality. Our thoughts can be powerful not only in the ideological sense, but also physically, and a thought that is shared by several people is very powerful.
“According to the findings of the study of human consciousness in the 90’s carried out at the Princeton lab (PEAR), the human mind can influence a generator of random numbers. Such experiments have raised several questions: can people’s emotional response have an effect on a destructive earthquake, on a massive terrorist attack, or on the feelings of football fans, etc.? Can the shared joy of people during a special holiday influence our electrical appliances? The clarification and analysis of these issues indicate that there are deep subconscious relations between people even if they are not physically connected.”

 My Comment: The wisdom of Kabbalah allows us to reach a collective conscious influence that is purposefully focused on the world. There is no other method, and therefore the major principle by which we can attain this influence over the world is “love thy friend as thyself.”

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  1. I love Bnei Baruch as I Love Myself

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