The Domestic Violence Convict Will Be Horrified And Reformed

284.03In the News ( “France is launching an experiment that uses virtual reality to stop men convicted of domestic violence from reoffending.

“Already tested in Spain, the technology offers a ‘total immersion’ experience by way of a headset that allows the offender to view things from the point of view of his victims. …

“‘It’s a kind of empathy machine’ that highlights the emotions felt by victims and ‘makes men understand fear,’ explained Guillaume Clere, founder of the Reverto start-up, which collaborated on the project with the French Justice Ministry. …

“‘Studies have shown the correlation between low cognitive empathy and violence,’ Clère told AFP. …

“The headset device ‘has the ability to fool the brain’, explained Géraud de la Brosse, who is running the project for the French Directorate of Prison Administration.

“’It is a way to open a dialogue with the perpetrators,’ he told La Voix du Nord news site.”

Question:  The goal is to make criminals realize and feel that they have harmed others. Confront them with an aggressor who is like them and acts just like them. The idea is that they will find themselves in a position of weakness and understand what happened. Will they understand this?

Answer: This is, of course, an interesting idea—to put yourself in the shoes of the victim. This can be taught. I think this will help fix it.

Question: So they can suddenly realize and be horrified: “I was like this?!”?

Answer: Of course they will be horrified. If this is done correctly, then it will have a very strong impact.

Question: Do you think this is really a parenting moment?

Answer: This is the moment of education. After all through this you explain to the person and show him who he is.

Question: Can we say that this is the revelation of evil?

Answer: Of course this is the revelation of evil, the most real. I am for it. The idea is good. If the technique works, then this is very interesting. This immediately leads to repentance. And then, as a consequence of this to correction, remorse, and so on.

Question: Can we say that a person will no longer commit such a crime if this experiment passes?

Answer: No. I do not know how much this will affect a modern person who experiences constant external irritations that confuse him all the time, it depends on what they are and against what crimes it is used.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/4/21

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