We Will All Feed On Insects

552.03Comment: Insects are no longer considered exotic food. Also food is getting more expensive now; everything is getting more expensive. Insects are considered an excellent source of protein without allergens or toxins. It is even said that protein supplements from insects are more beneficial for the body than meat.

I heard that producing one kilogram of protein from insects requires 500 times less water than producing one kilogram of protein from beef. There is a lot of such interesting data. About two billion people worldwide already include insects in their diets without any particular consequences.

To be honest, if I imagine eating a beetle, it is unappealing.

Answer: No, not just one beetle, you eat hundreds of beetles. They are ground up and well processed. And you are eating them in one form or another.

Question: So you think that one way or another we are getting closer to eating locusts and such?

Answer: There is no problem eating locusts at all. Locusts are kosher.

Question: So, Jews that keep kosher can eat locusts?

Answer: Of course!

Question: Man can eat anything, really. Even if he is disgusted by it, he can still consume it. Why?

Answer: Man is built like an animal. Therefore, he can eat all various protein compounds.

Question: What do you think we will be consuming, anyway? Let’s say humanity keeps growing. What are we going to eat?

Answer: There is no problem in the world regarding raising cows, steer, chickens, or anything else. No problem! It all depends on our desire, on our consent, on the level of society that we are building.

Question: And the fact that prices are rising and it is becoming less affordable? And hunger?

Answer: It is all a game.

Question: Whose game is it? Who is playing?

Answer: People are playing it.

Question: A third of the population is probably starving?

Answer: Probably, yes. Because people have an interest in it.

Question: So that some part starves? Why?

Answer: All this is being done, I would say, from above so that people would realize how vicious a society they live in is. What vicious qualities and relationships they live in.

I hope that we do realize the lowliness, the inferiority of those people who live today, including us, and that we will help each other rise a little. Then we can discuss whether we should catch bugs and eat them or not.

It is not about what we are going to eat. The question is “What will we be like?”

Question: And if we were, as you desire, corrected, kind to each other, then what?

Answer: Then we will transition to another state.

Question: But will we need to eat something?

Answer: No. We will not need anything. We will exist in a completely different reality, not this imaginary one, but a different, upper reality.

Question: What will sustain us?

Answer: The upper light. This is the real sustenance. Not some surrogates of our world.

Question: Then what is light?

Answer: The universal filling of everyone and everything.

Question: And one does not need anything else?

Answer: Nothing. That is how we are made.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/8/21

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