Rise Above Signs Of Luck

608.01Question: Do people who predict certain events earlier than others still remain at the level of this world, this life?

Answer: Without a doubt. Moreover, they stop others in their spiritual development. And this is prohibited. It is said: “Do not bewitch and do not prophesize.”

You start studying external manifestations of stars, signs of the zodiac, and other matters instead of dealing with the higher one, the force that controls them. These signs are only a display of certain events.

Practical people have found connections between what will happen and all kinds of events. This is a huge historical practice that has come to us from the time when man was close to nature and could feel various signs, the connection between them, and what is happening or will happen.

As animals feel a few days in advance that there will be an earthquake or tsunami and run away from these places, so man once felt it, but not anymore.

Question: Is this the level about which Kabbalists say: “If you want to control your destiny, rise to its level”?

Answer: Of course not! It is not about running away from the tsunami. Then you would have to go back down to the animate level.

And we need to rise above these signs of good fortune. It is said: “Man is obliged to rise above the stars.” What does “higher” mean? He must rise to unite with the force that governs everything and become equal to it. And then he will be able to control his destiny.

The entire path of development from our state onward is the path of gradual development of the ability to control the entire universe like the Creator. That is, to the extent that I grow spiritually, I replace the Creator in this position.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Fate and The Book of Zohar” 2/5/10

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