Above Astrology And The Stars

laitman_277Question: The Torah attributes stars to different astrological signs. Does the Creator manage people’s souls by the stars? What is the relationship between the soul and the stars?

Answer: There is nothing special about the stars. It is simply an allegory and that’s all. There is no power in the stars and it makes no difference whether a certain star is destroyed or remains. These are simple inanimate systems that have no effect on anything that is spiritual and upper.

Astrology first appeared a long time ago because people wanted to know where they are, how they should behave, how to measure time, and what to do.

In ancient Babylon astrologers could tell a person’s character and what will happen to him according to the stars. In those times people were much more sensitive and closer to nature and could say a lot about a person according to different signs. But this isn’t the system of the upper management. This is the system of our corporeal existence that could make life safer and more comfortable.

Today it is quite meaningless since we have lost our sensitivity to nature and there are no sages like the ones who lived in the past; they couldn’t help us anyway today. We are so negative in our thoughts and desires and so polluted by different chemicals that nothing can help us.

Comment: But people are still interested in the predictions of the Bulgarian Baba Venga and others.

Answer: This is only natural, but it isn’t the wisdom of Kabbalah and they cannot teach us anything correctly either. They can only accurately predict something in advance, but they cannot change anything.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/27/15

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