Predictors And Kabbalists

276.04Question: You said that the signs in our world simply demonstrate on a lower level what has already happened above. What does it mean?

Answer: Not only what happened, but what may be.

In fact, it is said: “Do not enchant and do not guess,” because you can know the future, but it is impossible to fully predict it. After all, Nostradamus and other soothsayers did not just write their prophecies in veiled forms, they themselves do not clearly understand what they wanted to say. There are some premonitions, but nothing more.

They sense what will happen at the level of our world. Very rarely, can a person without Kabbalistic training feel the upper world. There are practically no such people. Only a few. But they also become Kabbalists, only without prior training.

Just as there is a self-taught inventor who was illuminated by the brilliance of thought, he was given some idea from above, and through him this idea was revealed in the world. Some people have been working on this for decades until they come to some serious invention.

We are talking about what we ourselves can reach through systematic study, application of the laws of nature, and the advice that Kabbalists who have passed this path have left for us. We are not interested in talking about what will happen somewhere in someone in some way since we cannot control this.

That is, Kabbalah calls not to live in the momentary moment, but to direct yourself to where you can truly realize your eternal part.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Fate and The Book of Zohar” 2/5/10

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