Don’t Believe! Check It Out!

627.1Question: Today there is a massive denial of scientific knowledge, belief in something. The world is confused, people have to choose how and what to believe. We do not believe in the safety of vaccines. Coronavirus is fiction, and if not fiction, then science is powerless. We no longer believe in doctors, but in unofficial science, shamans, predictors.

Do you know how many methods to cure coronavirus are there? A huge number! A million views! Everywhere it is written: “I am cured”, “I am cured” …

What should we believe today?

Answer: I do not believe in anything. I do not feel that life obliges me to believe in something.

Question: What should an ordinary person begin to believe in?

Answer: The fact is that we live in a time when people abuse their egoism. They undermine self-confidence. If a doctor says to me: “I think that such a medicine is good for you, it is worth using it,” I might already think that he has connections with the pharmacy, that he makes money on it, that pharmaceutical companies pay him, etc.

Everything passes into egoism like through sand, and therefore we no longer believe in anyone and in anything.

This is the general picture of the world today when we have slaughtered all the “holy cows.” Absolutely nothing is sacred; we do not believe in anything: not in ourselves or in God, not in the devil, in anyone, or in anything. A person is really left without anything, like a small child stands and cries that he was forgotten. In this form.

Question: What is the Creator’s program here, to lead us to such a small state?

Answer: Of course! So that we turn out to be like this: here I stand in front of you as if naked.

Remark: I see that constant work is precisely to bring a person to this: like a bunny under a bush—I do not trust anyone, I do not know anything, I am afraid of everything.

My Comment: Yes, and there is no one to hope for—only a higher power, which he will gradually come to when he understands what it should be, that it is based absolutely on bestowal, absolutely on love, absolutely above his egoism.

When he understands what this higher power should be, and how he can turn to it, then enlightenment will come, and he will come to the truth.

Question: Will a man not need doctors then?

Answer: In principle, doctors are not needed. Doctors are needed only for the period of the Creator’s concealment. Then everything will fulfill the person’s connection with the Creator.

Remark: But this is a very distant future.

My Comment: I think it will happen very quickly.

Question: What is your advice? What is an ordinary person to believe in today? How can he live?

Answer: Do not believe in anything. He should simply understand that everything that has happened to us and is still happening is only so that we really feel the need for the real Creator and not for something invented by some grandmas and so on.

Now everyone is inventing God for themselves. There were many such deities. As it is written about Abraham, he destroyed these gods, i.e., all beliefs in different gods.

Question: “Different god”—does this mean a god that suits my egoism?

Answer: Yes. And if it is real, true, He can be only one—altruistic, built only on that which is higher than egoism.

Question: When I do not believe, when I feel bad, does it mean that here I need to search? My egoism is bad. Does that mean that the Creator is somewhere nearby, He is approaching me? Is He exactly the opposite of that?

Answer: Of course.

Question: And what are my actions at this moment?

Answer: Search. Seek and very clearly realize what He should be like after all. What should I be in order to find Him?
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/27/20

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