A Cry From A Dead End

236.01Remark: The 9 of Av is the day of the destruction of the First and Second Temples. In practice, the Temples were built at the height of love for one’s neighbor.

My Comment: The destruction of the First and Second Temples was foreseen even before their construction.

Question: Then why were they built?

Answer: To make sure that they could not stand in the way they were built. Each Temple personified the unity of people. And since this unity was insufficient, the Temples collapsed.

Question: Why did they collapse ?

Answer: In order to create the Third Temple. This is the most important thing. We must build the Third Temple only by our requests and prayers because the Third Temple is built from such desires, intentions, and connections that a man is not able to implement. He can only ask.

Question: That is, the Third Temple will be built on the basis of the unity of the whole world. Two Temples were built by one nation. Should the Third Temple be built by the whole world?

Answer: Yes. That is why it is written: “My house will be called the house of prayer for all nations.”

Question: In order for a new Temple to rise, must the previous one be destroyed?

Answer: Definitely. Because precisely on the basis of the destruction of the Temples, when man understands why these Temples collapsed, he can correct his attitude toward the very concept of “the Temple” and build a new one.

Question: Do you feel now that the time is coming for the construction of the Third Temple?

Answer: I do feel it, but people still do not. They do not understand the necessity of it and, in general, what the Third Temple is.

Question: Will only love for one’s neighbor be the basis for it?

Answer: Yes.

Remark: In general, everyone talks about love for one’s neighbor.

My Comment: Everyone is just talking. There is absolutely no realization here! Where, in what nation have you seen unification? Moreover, unification not only within the nation itself but also with other peoples, the motivation for this. There is nothing! But there is nothing in our nation as well. It just has to start showing up.

Question: How will you feel the signs of its manifestation? Will it be a complete impasse, a complete collapse?

Answer: Yes. It will be from a complete impasse, complete disappointment with what we have now, and a movement toward unity as the only way out of our state.

Question: So, as you often say, should there be some kind of a universal cry?

Answer: Yes. A howl, a groan, in which there will be absolute despair because of the impossibility of reaching your predestination. Not just live. It does not matter—to live or to die. In the end, we all live and we all die.

There is nothing to it. A couple of years earlier or later—a man can get used to it and say: “That is it, I am leaving.”

But the groan comes from the fact that there is a huge opportunity to adhere to a completely new world that shows up in front of you. You begin to feel that you can rise to a different level of existence. It is not about life and death, but about the ideal.

Question: What is this ideal?

Answer: The ideal is the unity of absolutely everyone above hatred. Then all will feel it as one.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/27/20

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