Growing A New World

260We are approaching a special congress—completely virtual—as it has never been before. Thousands of people used to gather for physical congresses and tens or even hundreds of thousands more were connected to it virtually. But now the entire congress will be virtual; everyone will be in the same position and connected on equal terms. Everyone received proper, identical preparation.

It doesn’t matter that we are already familiar with each other and with the lessons of the congress. It is said: “Let every day be a new day.” That is, we need to make this renewal. Each time we have ten primordial Sefirot, but from them and onward, we always raise the resolution: two times more, three times, four times…

Therefore, we can read the same articles, but everything depends only on our connection, which determines the attainment. In the spiritual world, attainment does not depend on one person, especially in our times. As the last generation, we are dependent on correcting the global Kli. Therefore, the quality depends on the number of connections. This is a characteristic feature of our time.

Each ten is already ready to embrace other connected tens as one person, attaching them one after another infinitely. Let your heart be divided among all the tens and let the Creator enter and be revealed in this huge common heart.

Therefore, this congress is special. We have never been in this state. And I really hope that we will see decent results and advance toward the goal because this is a very correct approach. First, we need to reveal our Kli, Israel, which is aimed “straight to the Creator.” And then, after the congress, we will be able to go out to the masses with this new force and create a place for the revelation of the Creator to all creatures.

This will cure the world of all the problems and troubles caused by our growing egoism and fill it with the upper force. The main thing is to reach a connection with each other, to become as one ten. This is the purpose of our gathering, the congress, the meaning of our meeting.

The whole huge system exists only for one small person; everything is created for him although he does not understand or feel anything. And everything else only conveys to him the attitude of the Creator toward him.

The spiritual is not measured by our earthly standards: kilograms, liters, or kilometers but depends on the number of elements connected together. If there are 1,000 smallest and weakest souls but they are united together, they have much more weight in the spiritual world than five or ten large souls. If little people unite with each other even not for the sake of the Creator, it is worthy of respect because they reveal the connection over egoism.

Therefore, a united city cannot be defeated. If people unite even for a criminal purpose but are loyal to each other, then they are provided with protection from above.

Congress must become the seed from which a new world will sprout. First there must be a grain, a drop of semen around which the flesh will begin to grow and all systems will form. The most important thing is the drop of semen, the very first point. We are the starting point of a new world, and we will hope that the Congress will give a new direction to all of humanity. Everyone gets the same blows, so the solution must also be the same for everyone.

If I expand myself without connecting with others, then I expand my vision of this world. After all, in the material world everything is determined by the individual strength, by the sharpness of mind of each one individually. Everyone wants to be great on their own, and this is the global breakage.

And in the spiritual world, power is calculated by the number of particles that are connected. How many of them? A thousand, a million, a billion, or a billion billions, this is the measure of the spiritual Kli. Each one is only a unit within the ten Sefirot. It cannot be more or less; it cannot inflate itself. It can only connect with many more like it, and this will increase its power.

Therefore, it is said that “…the view of landlord is opposite to the view of Torah.” The ordinary person feels that he is inflated, and the opinion of the Torah takes into account everyone. If I connect with them, I feel that the Creator dwells between them and manifests Himself, revealing the upper reality.

Spiritual power is measured by the number of pixels, and material power is measured by one pixel, swollen with pride.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/14/20, “From the Prayer of the Ten to Its Prayer for the World” (Preparation for the Virtual Convention “A New World” 2020)

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