First Congress Of The New Age

laitman_600.04We are going to a virtual congress in two weeks. This is not an easy connection because we began preparing for it already from the beginning of creation, billions of years ago. And this is only in our material world, before that there were many actions in the spiritual worlds.

And finally, we come to the point where we begin to feel the breaking, the reverse form of connection in order to achieve it.

We can say that at this moment we are at the lowest starting point from which a continuous ascent begins toward the program of creation, its goal, where we all unite together and with the Creator. The entire universe, all the worlds, all the stars and galaxies, are connected together at the point of unity that we must reach.

The first station on the way to this goal is a virtual congress, which we are holding in two weeks. It may seem that this is not so important, but we must realize that we value the importance according to our uncorrected selfish desires, but in fact, the desire to unite at this special time between the thousands of people participating in the congress is very important.

This is the first congress held during the period of the coronavirus. In February, we managed to hold a big convention right before the start of the quarantines. It was like we jumped into the last carriage: We held a convention, and the door slammed shut right behind us.

And now we are starting to organize our system during the coronavirus period. We have already gone through its first wave and can understand what this is about. Humanity does not yet understand what is happening. The epidemic will not recede; it will move forward like a steamroller of development and will sculpt a new form from humanity.

This huge asphalt roller will roll right over us and hit us into the ground, if only in this form we are able to connect with each other. Let’s not wait for the development rink, but do it on account of our own work. You should not be naughty children whose mother is forced to punish in order to make them behave well. And the child has no way out, he has to obey, as we are now, out of hopelessness, doing what the coronavirus and other viruses that are in line for us want from us.

We need to rise to a state where we understand why the mother, that is, nature, the Creator, requires us, and we want to fulfill her requirements by our consent and goodwill.

We want to bring this first congress of a new era to a new state: not like before when we sat together, talked, and hugged. We should not regret that we are not sitting in the same room; we should not regret the past. It has already passed. Everything new must be taken for granted with understanding and approval.

New states require even more connection from us. And if we see that material changes have occurred, then they should only awaken us to even greater internal connection so that the external form does not confuse us, does not give the illusion that we are already connected by the fact that several thousand people are sitting in one room.

Now there is no such thing; we are not in the same room and do not even strive to be together physically. We want to be together spiritually as one person with one heart! And therefore this is a completely new congress, in a new era. There is nothing from past congresses in it: It is a new level, a new approach, a new attitude. And we look at it as a spiritual level to which we must ascend.

I want to be connected with everyone, but where and how? By ascending to the spiritual level, to the spiritual place where our congress is held—to the space within the Creator. We will all enter into this space and want to exist there, to unite with each other within Him. The Creator is called “place,” and it is in this place that we hold our congress, our gathering of everyone together, in order to support each other together with the Creator on this first spiritual step that awaits us.

I cannot convey to you the feelings that are in my heart. But let’s hope that together we will discover this state and feel the connection between us within the Creator at our first congress of a new era.
From a Kabbalah Lesson, 8/1/20

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