Train To High Jump Over Egoism

laitman_751.1The coronavirus has placed us into virtual reality, sending us home. Gradually, over time, we will get used to working from home, to new virtual relationships with colleagues at work, with banks, government agencies, with friends. We will build virtual circles of communication, closer and more distant, related to work and leisure.

You can play chess online; you can even join in sports together while each stays at home. A computer program gives the impression that we are together and do the same exercises.

However, this raises a question because people go to a fitness club to place themselves under the influence of that environment. If I miss a workout, I will get a reprimand from the coach. And in training, I must try to be no worse than others. How will all this happen in a virtual environment if I am alone at home with a computer program in front of me? I no longer feel the pressure of the physical group, and I will not try as hard.

I become a great egoist, I remain alone with myself in my microcosm, and I no longer have to reckon with anyone or explain anything to anyone. But I think it is good. This is how I begin to realize how selfish I was. In order to connect with the environment, I need to rise a little above my egoism. This is the reason I try to connect with others.

The fact that I am distancing myself from my former connections does not mean that I have become a greater egoist because I am doing it under duress because of the pandemic. I move away, following the instructions of doctors and the Ministry of Health, so as not to transmit the virus to someone and not get infected myself.

But when I was left alone at home, I had the opportunity to think about how I could approach others. The problem is that we are committing a crime in our thoughts. If our thoughts about each other were kind, then we would not be afraid of the coronavirus.

If we went out into public places with the thought of how not to harm others and knew how to protect them, we would never pass the virus from one person to another. Everything is determined by thought, intention.

We are now in virtual communication, each at a distance from the others. So let’s try to feel how much we are allowed to get closer to our neighbor, not because of the coronavirus, but because of another virus, because of my selfishness.

I have the right to use my egoism only to the extent that it does not harm my neighbor. If I can get closer without hurting you, then I will. And if I have selfish thoughts, then I cannot come close. In this form, you can already start measuring the distance between us in order to understand how far or close we really are. Closeness is defined according to my desire to bring you goodness from heart to heart.

How can we ensure that we fulfill our commitments to the group and show up for training on time and do all the necessary exercises together? I agree with my group mates that we are preparing for our virtual meeting so that everyone thinks kindly of the rest. And then everyone must check himself whether he can approach such a meeting.

If we have agreed to meet, then I leave the house and go to my friends. And at some point on the way, I begin to doubt if I can get closer? What if you can’t go on and I will harm them? Maybe I’m thinking about myself instead of thinking about them? This is how I begin to estimate material distance according to spiritual distance.

Then we begin to talk with friends only at spiritual distances, figuring out how close or distant we are to each other, connected or disconnected. And all this is about spiritual convergence or distance. It turns out that the virtual society helps us achieve spiritual connection. If we measure the distance from heart to heart in this way, then this is already a spiritual dimension.

We must establish between us such a measure of reference that will be spiritual, not material, that is, not in meters or kilometers, but in heart units of measurement, from heart to heart. Thus, we develop a special sensitivity between us. Only if I really wish my friend well am I ready to approach him and connect with him. In this case, we will never harm each other, and no virus can spread between us.

In order to achieve this practically, we need to develop a computer program that will let us train our attitude toward others the way we train muscles. It will show me how close or far I am to other people and how I can approach or distance myself from them. It should be obvious to me that I am not moving away materially, but only spiritually.

This is how we will begin to move from the material world to the spiritual world, where everything is measured only by the correspondence of properties, by the proximity of hearts.

The program should guide a person through a series of exercises, starting with the simplest, and becoming more and more complex, letting him understand his attitude to various actions, all kinds of other people’s desires. He will see if he is able to rise above his nature in order to connect more with his neighbor. So we will gradually get closer.

We need computer programs that will train a person, as if in a gym, in different life situations and teach him to rise above them for the benefit of others, and not himself. Through such exercises, he will see whom he cares more about: others or himself.

The program will present a person with various life situations one after another, guiding him through different sensory states and showing how ready he is to rise above his egoism for the good of others and take care of them without thinking about himself, or not ready for this. This will greatly change a person and will form new people out of us. It is possible to create such programs, you just need to show a little imagination.
From KabTV’s “The Impact of the Environment in the Virtual World” 7/14/20

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