Human—Striving To Become Like The Creator

610.2Question: What is an animal in human and human in human according to Kabbalah? Is human in human its morality, shame, and perhaps desire for art, poetry, or something else?

Answer: I am afraid that here you and I will disagree on our definitions, since according to Kabbalah human in our world belongs to the animal level. The level of human is one’s aspiration in which a person wants to become like the Creator.

“Man” in Hebrew is “Adam” from the word “Domeh,” like the Creator. That is, it is precisely the desire to reveal the Creator in order to become like Him that is called human.

Can you imagine what similarity to the Creator is? I do not know who He is, where, what, why, or whether He exists at all or not. Therefore, I have no such desire. I want to exist normally, correctly, and well in this world. But the Creator? Become like Him?

Only this is called the human level, since all other levels in us emanate from our animal existence, from our animal essence.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up.Centaurs” 1/15/10

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