Which Prayer Is Answered?

238.01Prayer must never be answered: if it is, it ceases to be prayer and becomes correspondence (Oscar Wilde).

My Response: Basically, prayer should constantly flow from one of its expressions to a second, then to a third, and so on until it comes to such a form that the Creator will be ready to cloth in it. Then everything will come to balance.

Question: What does it mean “the Creator clothes in it”?

Answer: Prayer is my behavior throughout life, through everything I have gone through, to its source the Creator; it expresses my deepest and general relationship to life, and through it, to its source. This is a real prayer.

Question: Am I building it or is it unconsciously born in me?

Answer: It is being formed gradually.

Question: Does it mean that I cannot simply compose it? Does my life compose this prayer?

Answer: Of course. It is not a philosophy.

Question: Is all my life accumulated in it?

Answer: All of it. A person composes prayers all his life.

Question: How should I live my life in order to raise a real prayer that will be answered?

Answer: You should try to open your heart, and you will see what prayer is in it and how it comes out. But you should really do it in this way. Otherwise, it is not a prayer.

Question: When you say “heart,” what do you mean?

Answer: I mean all your deepest desires and dreams, but even better, your demands from life.

Question: All these impossible desires, what are they?

Answer: It means that you want to come with them to the Creator. And you want Him to explain to you why He did not fulfill them.

Question: Which of my impossible desires will be answered?

Answer: Only one; if you ever desired something, did you expect these desires to be fulfilled by the Creator? That is not what you actually desired! Rather, you desired the Creator who would fulfill them. This will be their fulfillment.

That is, you did not desire money, happiness, fame, luck, no matter what and how, but you were waiting for the Creator to do it because you wanted Him to fulfill your desires, and only that will satisfy you. You need nothing else! Only Him! Even if He fills it with one drop, it will be enough because He did it!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/15/21

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