Green Energy Within Man

77Comment: They say that the world is facing a severe shortage of electricity. What skeptics have warned about is happening: the energy of wind turbines and solar panels cannot replace traditional sources.

In 2035, New York was going to switch to electric cars, but they calculated that if electric cars start charging in the evening, there will not be enough electricity for the entire metropolis.

Alternative energy turned out to be so temperamental that last winter in Texas, blades of wind turbines froze due to the cold. There were no winds blowing over the Netherlands and Denmark this autumn. In Germany, solar panels were blanketed with snow. All this is unpredictable.

There has already been talk that gas itself is not so harmful and that nuclear energy is also green energy. They believe that everything will remain: gas, oil, and coal.

My Response: There will never be enough energy. Maybe we should consider reducing consumption and preventing the manufacture of such a large number of electric vehicles and cars in general. We need to set a task for us to reduce consumption.

First, people should not work so much. Three days a week is enough instead of five.

No one needs all this! This does not add happiness to people and we see this absolutely clearly; there is no need for any proof.

Let’s make sure that people have more time for rest, walking, sports, family, communication, conversations, discussions among themselves, and so on. It is so that people identify this as something necessary. We need to charge ourselves with green energy! This is what we are missing.

Question: Do you think that even nuclear energy can work safely if there is such an attitude in people?

Answer: Of course. It is a blessing that nuclear energy has been discovered. Now we only need to improve it and, on the other hand, reduce consumption so that there will be enough of it for everything.

Comment: You just said that man should spend more time with his family, read more, and communicate more. I remember that a long time ago we kept saying that humanity would come to this. But it has not happened yet.

My Response: No, we cannot run to a quiet, calm, balanced life. We will always be pulled by some illusionary goals and ideals. As a result, hoarding will destroy us.

Question: How can we stop?

Answer: There is no way.

Question: Then what are you demanding if it is impossible?

Answer: Recognition of evil, of the fact that you cannot stop.

Comment: When man realizes that he cannot stop, that he is such a creature, and there is this evil of hoarding in him…

My Response: This is already recognition of evil. Then it will be possible to think about how to come out of this.

This is how man will come to green energy within himself, i.e., to balance. We just need to balance everything that is in man.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/30/21

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