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“The Climate Waits For No One” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Climate Waits for No One

Thirty years ago, a friend of mine got into the green energy business and tried to pull me into it. I asked him what for, it isn’t serious. He said, “You have no idea how much money is being poured into it. Everyone wants in on it, politicians, financiers, businesspeople, the lot.” He was right, of course. Yet, no one wants to promote green energy in order to save the planet, but only to swell up their pockets even more. The declarations, therefore, remain in the assembly hall where they are stated, necessary actions are ignored, and the climate waits for no one: It will keep deteriorating.

This week in Glasgow, Scotland, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference is taking place. Officially, it aims to “bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.” In reality, the countries plan to do the exact opposite. This year’s UN Production Gap Report, which tracks the discrepancy between governments’ planned fossil fuel production and actual global production levels, states the following: “Despite increased climate ambitions and net-zero commitments, governments still plan to produce more than double the amount of fossil fuels in 2030 than what would be consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5°C [2.7°F].”

Energy sources and technologies do change, but not according to what is best for the planet. It changes according to the interests of politicians and money moguls, and it never benefits the planet or the majority of its inhabitants, namely all of us.

Since the climate waits for no one, eventually, it will catch up with us. Earth is a closed system, and in a closed system, there are consequences to exploitation: it hurts the abuser as well as the abused.

I don’t know when or at what cost, but eventually, we will all have to realize that we cannot take beyond what we need. We cannot keep exploiting Earth selfishly and thoughtlessly because it will turn against us.

Earth is like a submarine: there is only so much oxygen on board. If some crew members take more than their quota, the rest will not have enough, they will die, and the submarine will sink along with those who exceeded their quota.

We need constant reminders that we are one system, and we are all dependent on each other. We need to genuinely grasp that selfishness hurts us just as being exploitative hurts others. If we constantly remind ourselves that we are interdependent, we will behave with more consideration, and we will avoid the punitive impact of climate change.

The other option is to keep working as the UN’s Production Gap Report states that we are planning to work, and suffer nature’s unforgiving response. I hope we wise up in time because everyone will pay the price for this mistake.

“When Will Conspiracies About Jews End?” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “When Will Conspiracies about Jews End?

The latest fabrication about Jews is that we are profiting from the spread of the coronavirus. Who exactly are those Jewish profiteers? Is it all of them or just those who are scheming this? To the haters, it makes no difference. The only thing that matters is that the word “Jew” is attached once more to the word “blame.”

This isn’t new. We have been accused of every woe that humanity has ever suffered. Everything that upsets, offends, hurts, or otherwise displeases people, they often attribute to the Jews. Jews have suffered from blood libels such as baking matzahs (the Passover bread) with the blood of Christian children. In the Middle-Ages, they were accused of poisoning wells. Later, they were said to dominate the slave trade from Africa to America, and they have always been accused of disloyalty to the countries where they live.

When it comes to plagues, you can be certain that the blame will go to the Jews. We have been accused of causing the Black Death in the 14th century, spreading AIDS in the 20th century, and in this century, we are accused of spreading Covid-19.

Jews have also been accused of manipulating the media to serve their needs, and modernity has also created a new kind of blood libel, accusing Jews of organ harvesting. Moreover, Jews are often accused of conflicting “crimes.” Communists accused them of creating capitalism; capitalists accused them of inventing communism. Christians accused Jews of killing Jesus, and the French philosopher François Voltaire accused them of inventing and spreading Christianity.

In short, any view that people disagree with, they blame its invention on the Jews. As if all this is not enough, Jews have also been labeled as warmongers and as cowards, racists and cosmopolitans, spineless and unbending, and so on and so forth ad infinitum.

Yet, the fact that antisemitism is irrational does not mean that it is without merit, without a root that causes it. In fact, thinking that there is no reason for antisemitism is just as irrational as antisemitism itself. Just as there is no smoke without a fire, nothing can happen without something that causes it. In the case of Jew-hatred, that something has been fueling the fire for millennia. Therefore, since there is clearly a cause, we should find it, treat it if we can, and cure it before the flames burst once again and land another blow on our people.

So how will Jew-hatred end? I think we can find the answer in the words of Dr. Kurt Fleischer, leader of the Liberals in the Berlin Jewish Community Assembly before the Nazis came to power. In 1929, he argued, “Anti-Semitism is the scourge that God has sent us in order to lead us together and weld us together.”

We established our nationhood when we pledged to unite “as one man with one heart”; we were dispersed and exiled for hating one another for no reason; and we will regain our nationhood when we restore our unity. We were chosen to set an example, to be “a light unto nations,” and no declarations that we are like everyone else will help. Our “chosenness” has never been about science, culture, or ingenuity.

We have given the world Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, and Leonard Bernstein. A quarter of Nobel Prize laureates are Jewish, though we are only 0.2% of the world’s population, but is anyone thankful? I have yet to hear applause.

The world does not thank us for our contribution in these fields because this is not the contribution it expects from us. The world is not ungrateful; it is dissatisfied because it is not getting what it really needs from us: an example of unity.

Our sages have always told us that when we are united, we are so strong that no one can defeat us. It is true not because of our military might, but because our unity inverts the nations’ hatred toward us into respect and gratitude.

The more divided the world becomes, the more it grows antisemitic. It is not a conscious process, but a natural, instinctive reaction on the part of a world that awaits an example of unity, and no one can provide it but the group that has been designated to do so: the Jewish people.

We need not fight against antisemitism; it is a waste of time. We need to fight against our hatred for each other. This is the only cure for the growing Jew-hatred and the storm clouds amassing around the Jewish people once again.

“The False Greatness Of The Great” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The False Greatness of the Great

A cinematographer friend of mine told me that judging by today’s films, TV series, and social media posts, people are mostly busy with the most mundane “events” in people’s lives, such as eating, showering, and even defecating. When we look back in history, it seems as though these were not the things that interested us, but higher things, such as ideas and social movements. It seems as though there is nothing to write about our time.

I think that in truth, humanity was never sublime. We may like to muse about how civilized we were when classical music, theatre, painting, and sculpture were the popular forms of entertainment, but for the vast majority of people, life was just a struggle for survival; there was no room for entertainment.

Worse yet, precisely those whom we remember as great, were actually the worst of that generation. People who achieve greatness in the eyes of the public are always actually the most immoral and self-centered. Writers, composers, the lot, there was nothing good about them; check their biographies and you will see for yourselves.

I think we should redefine greatness. Instead of venerating people for their ability to write, compose, or paint, we should venerate those who do for others, not for themselves. Particularly, we should respect people who bring people together and make them feel united.

People are happy when they feel secure and loved, and they feel secure and loved when they are among people who care about them, like family or friends. Therefore, people who help create this feeling in the general public, who make communities, cities, and even nations come together, are the most valuable people in society.

People who show how diversity contributes to society—rather than using cultural and ethnic differences to promote their own careers by inciting racism and exclusion—are today’s real heroes. Today’s values take us in the opposite direction from this feeling of mutual responsibility and care. If we want to build back better, we should build it together, and then we will succeed.

The more we succumb to division and separation, the weaker our society grows. Instead of joy and confidence, fear, suspicion, and hatred have the upper hand. No one will reverse this trend except for those who are afraid, suspicious, and hateful, namely all of us. We are the ones who suffer from the separation in society, we are the ones who have nothing to gain from it, unlike our “leaders,” so we are the ones who should choose unity over division.

A Temple From Points In The Heart

929There is a point in the heart in every person. But in some people it awakens more, and then they begin to be interested in the science of Kabbalah and eventually come to study in order to develop their point in the heart using this method and build a temple from it, which means a spiritual vessel (Kli), a Partzuf of ten Sefirot, in which they will be able to reveal the Creator.

Therefore the Creator puts a point in a person’s heart and says: “Make Me a temple where I can reign, that is, reveal Myself in you.” This is why we exist, to allow the Creator to reign in us, to become a vessel for the revelation of the upper light.

This is the purpose of every person’s existence, and everyone should join this work. Our whole life, whether it will be good or full of suffering, depends on whether we go the way of building a Kli for the revelation of the Creator.

This point includes the entire universe, but for now it seems to us just a point of no importance, and we do not see in it either the power or the potential for the revelation of all the upper worlds. Strength comes when we strive to connect together to become like one person with one heart. Success depends only on this.

All the desires of a person are called a heart, and inside this heart there is a tiny spark, which is called a “point in the heart.” This point glows because it reaches out to the Creator.

And sometimes it’s just a black dot that doesn’t glow, as if it has gone out. And a person should always try to ignite this spark. In the beginning the Creator awakens it, but then He transfers this work to the person so that he awakens himself.

Sometimes this point awakens itself and reveals in a person a desire, a feeling that he lacks the spiritual. But there is no need to wait for the point to awaken itself and pull us to the spiritual. It is necessary to light each friend’s point in the group, in the ten, so that it begins to shine in his heart and through him to all other friends.

This is a special action when I feel that my friends are thinking about me, and therefore I wake up, and before that I was like a dead man. So let’s try to think about all our friends in order to help everyone burn together with the desire for the Creator. If we do this together, we will achieve success very quickly and easily. Alone, it can drag on for eternity.

And besides, the point itself, although it gives aspiration to the Creator and some connection, does not yet provide fulfillment. To fill it, it is necessary to create a spiritual Partzuf from the point, a certain volume. And this can only be done by connecting several points together.

We will feel that although we are striving for the same goal, we are very different. And then through overcoming these differences, the distance between us, and trying to connect on top of everything, we awaken our points in the heart, and from internal compression and pressure they flare up.

It is a huge gift to receive the initial awakening from the Creator, and we are obliged to realize it. Otherwise, it will be an unforgivable neglect of the great gift from above.
From KabTV’s “Conversation at a Meal” 10/24/21

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There Is Something To Learn From The People Of Israel

269The world is now in conditions that did not exist in the time of Ben Gurion or Herzl: frustration, helplessness, growing global crisis, climate and technological one, crisis of everything man-made.

We must understand why everything we have done turns to our detriment and how we can change the course of history that steadily brings us closer to the abyss.

Usually such situations lead to wars. If it were not for nuclear weapons, there would already be a war in the world. However, precisely the fact that many countries possess such powerful weapons serves as a restriction.

The only one solution is to work with the force of bestowal and unity if we do not want to come to total destruction. Every sane person understands that war is not an option. Therefore, there is only one thing left: think about how we can compel ourselves and all countries and nations to soften our egoism and come closer to each other. After all, we see that any other path leads to death.

We have a solution that comes from nature itself, which purposely leads us to a dead end in order to leave us no other choice but connection. And first of all, we need to unite the people of Israel.

This movement for connection is unlike anything that has happened before. First, we come to it out of hopelessness—nature obliges us to it. Second, it is unique because of the result that we want to see from this connection. Nature will forcefully bring us to a different kind of coexistence with nature.

You can disagree with this and consider it naive, but in the end life will compel every person to change their attitude to these words. At the same time, perception will change, they will hear what they could not hear before, they will understand what they did not understand before, and we will move forward.

There will be no peace in the world if the people of Israel do not reach the correct connection above all disagreements among people so that love will cover all crimes. If we do this, then all the nations of the world will follow our example and recognize that there is something to learn from the people of Israel, namely, the law of love your neighbor as yourself.
From KabTV’s “The Writers Meeting” 10/17/21

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“How Do I Love My Neighbor As Myself When I Don’t Love Myself?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How do I love my neighbor as myself when I don’t love myself?

Human nature is completely self-serving and egoistic. We thus cannot but love ourselves. Even if we hate ourselves, for instance even if we wish to commit suicide, it still emerges from a self-serving calculation. Egoism is at the basis of our nature, and everything upon it is thus built out of self-love. It is the sole motive for all of our behavior.

Based on a video conference with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr Michael Laitman.

The Stronger The Connection, The Stronger The Desire

528.02Question: Where can we find the strength to create the correct Hisaron (desire) for our friends?

Answer: You should develop it among yourselves. The point is that both strength and desire do not come from somewhere, but only from above, from the Creator. But it all depends on how much we need it.

Sometimes we demand: “Give us the desire!” But we cannot handle properly what we have, and this is why all our screams, shrieks, requests, prayers give nothing. Therefore, you need to understand that only to the extent of your connection will the correct impulses for a request or a desire from above arise in you, for a desire to rise to the force that will develop and raise you.

Only the identification of a common request between us and turning it to the Creator depends on us.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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The Leaders Of The Future

20Question: The changes in the world today require the emergence of innovative leaders. Experts say that business will develop under increasingly growing uncertainty.

Leaders will have to make breakthroughs themselves, which means to drastically change their state of mind, their values, and their actions.

Scientists interviewed a large number of investors and business managers and have come with several key characteristics that such leaders need to have, which are: the ability to predict, to lead others, to encourage, to establish collaborative relations, and to trust others. These are the five attributes that a revolutionary leader should have. How can one become a leader who is both revolutionary but also establishes collaborative relations and reliable processes, who also encourages and leads others who follow him?

Answer: It is impossible to raise such a leader. He has to be born like this. We can only teach and fine tune someone’s attributes, but all these aspects must basically be innate.

Comment: But there are no such people.

My Response: Why not? There are such people, they just need some fine tuning.

Question: Is it possible to recognize them?

Answer: There are many state institutions that gradually raise such people on different levels. This means that a leader advances and reaches a position of a regional manager, or a manager of a commercial union, and thus advances until he rises and reaches the summit as a very special person.

Question: Leaders don’t dictate conditions, instead they regulate, invoke, and guide changes. Why is this important?

Answer: Because one should not give orders. Nothing works by giving orders. You should simply establish the right conditions so that your subordinates will understand the common task and create it on their own.

Comment: Leaders should listen to others. This enables them to assess the situation and to be the first where there are new opportunities.

My Response: Yes, you need to teach your subordinates to take initiative that is aimed at the goal correctly. This means that they should understand and know all that, and carry it out, but according to their vision.

You cannot take the place of your subordinates and all their deputies and everyone else. You must not. Every minister has ten deputies and each of them has ten more assistants and so on. You cannot take their job and do something.

Comment: Leaders should be enthusiastic about the goal and then they can establish a collaborative network faster than any abstract strategic plans.

My Response: Yes, this is actually what a leader should engage in.

Comment: Innovative leaders see and encourage the potential of other people.

My Response: Indeed.

Question: What is a real leader and what is the future leader?

Answer: It is a leader who teaches all his subordinates to be above him. He knows all his drawbacks and knows what his abilities are. He invests in all his subordinates in order to be in the center of a big good group for the time being. This is a true leader who creates a group and the group creates him.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/21/19

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Humanity Will Fulfill Its Program

962.5Question: What will happen if humanity perishes before Kabbalists fulfill their destiny?

Answer: No. We are in a system called nature. This system is absolute and universal. We are within a network of forces that control us and lead us to a pre-set goal.

This goal and all the stages that we must go through are already, as it were, realized, only we must introduce ourselves into these stages and exist in them alternately, and rise to different levels. The steps themselves and the final state (complete correction) are already prepared.

Therefore, there can be no destruction, but there can be great suffering that will make us voluntarily, with the right choice, with our freewill, go toward the goal of creation, and not prompted by the little sufferings that we are experiencing now.

So, you can be calm, nothing will happen to humanity. It will be obliged to fulfill its program.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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