A Temple From Points In The Heart

929There is a point in the heart in every person. But in some people it awakens more, and then they begin to be interested in the science of Kabbalah and eventually come to study in order to develop their point in the heart using this method and build a temple from it, which means a spiritual vessel (Kli), a Partzuf of ten Sefirot, in which they will be able to reveal the Creator.

Therefore the Creator puts a point in a person’s heart and says: “Make Me a temple where I can reign, that is, reveal Myself in you.” This is why we exist, to allow the Creator to reign in us, to become a vessel for the revelation of the upper light.

This is the purpose of every person’s existence, and everyone should join this work. Our whole life, whether it will be good or full of suffering, depends on whether we go the way of building a Kli for the revelation of the Creator.

This point includes the entire universe, but for now it seems to us just a point of no importance, and we do not see in it either the power or the potential for the revelation of all the upper worlds. Strength comes when we strive to connect together to become like one person with one heart. Success depends only on this.

All the desires of a person are called a heart, and inside this heart there is a tiny spark, which is called a “point in the heart.” This point glows because it reaches out to the Creator.

And sometimes it’s just a black dot that doesn’t glow, as if it has gone out. And a person should always try to ignite this spark. In the beginning the Creator awakens it, but then He transfers this work to the person so that he awakens himself.

Sometimes this point awakens itself and reveals in a person a desire, a feeling that he lacks the spiritual. But there is no need to wait for the point to awaken itself and pull us to the spiritual. It is necessary to light each friend’s point in the group, in the ten, so that it begins to shine in his heart and through him to all other friends.

This is a special action when I feel that my friends are thinking about me, and therefore I wake up, and before that I was like a dead man. So let’s try to think about all our friends in order to help everyone burn together with the desire for the Creator. If we do this together, we will achieve success very quickly and easily. Alone, it can drag on for eternity.

And besides, the point itself, although it gives aspiration to the Creator and some connection, does not yet provide fulfillment. To fill it, it is necessary to create a spiritual Partzuf from the point, a certain volume. And this can only be done by connecting several points together.

We will feel that although we are striving for the same goal, we are very different. And then through overcoming these differences, the distance between us, and trying to connect on top of everything, we awaken our points in the heart, and from internal compression and pressure they flare up.

It is a huge gift to receive the initial awakening from the Creator, and we are obliged to realize it. Otherwise, it will be an unforgivable neglect of the great gift from above.
From KabTV’s “Conversation at a Meal” 10/24/21

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